Beasts Fury new 2DFG


Greetings to everyone reading this.

We here at BeastsFuryStudios are continuing to work on our 2D fighting game, “Beast’s Fury”.

Beast’s Fury will be a 2D, arcade-style “Beat 'em up” game based around anthropomorphic characters. It is currently being developed by a small but passionate team of individuals, both gaming enthusiasts and professional programmers alike. The game will not only involve action, but also will feature engaging storylines, intriguing characters, exotic arenas and a killer soundtrack to boot! This is one game you won’t want to miss!

However, we are starting to run short of fund for the game and this is where you come in. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to in order to complete the game. I know this sounds like a large amount, so for the moment, our current goal is $4,000 to help keep this project afloat and work on getting the Beta version up and running.

You can donate to the project, even if only $1, to help us achieve our goal and bring this great game to the people.
We don’t expect it to be for free though. We will offer rewards based on how much you donate. The following rewards are currently available:

Here is a Indiegogo link

A pack of High-Resolution artwork of the character roster

As above, plus a mention of thanks in the game’s credits

As above, plus early entry into the Beta version of the game.

(More rewards and tiers will be added soon)

So please, if you wish to donate, please send whatever you can afford to otakutrends[at] via Paypal (unfortunately, this is the only way we can accept donations as such.)

If you have any questions, please email me at beasts_fury[at]

Images of playable characters

We have a youtube channel and facebook and twitter

Progress of the game

We are working on the first two characters as we speak High deifintiion hand drawn sprites take time we will be doing live streams of this in the future if anyone is interested we are a team of six we are welcoming more help to the project if you are interested.

Update: Vincent flat colors idle stance
Image link:
Video: [media=youtube]oc6NpUmuN7w[/media]

Hello everyone i hope you are all well me and the team at Beastsfurystudios are working hard to bring this game to life here are some progress please tell us what you think

Vs Screen art

Actual ingame Sprite (single frame) still work in progress
this size is 512x512
For Vincent we are getting all the rough animations done to get a Alpha build up in total Vincent is going to be anywhere from 1200 frames to 1500 in total.


At least you were willing to show content…why not do a kickstarter?


I just explained were the content is how how its going even got live streams proving that the characters are being animated into sprites also we are from australia we cannot use Kickstarter need to be a US resident.


Good luck with your project


Thank youi very much going ok so far we raised $150 of $4000


All I can say is good luck. Any money that I can spare to benefit another fighting game, I’ll definitely donate with when I get the chance.


Thank you very much


Cool concepts.
You know, there is a site called indiegogo ( that’s like Kickstarter but international. Not as famous, but seems legit and better than nothing.



Thansk yeah i did give it a go and only raised $50 out of $4000 lol so far not using it i have raised more doing this thanks for the idea and comment.


Lol Nice so your telling me i am a furry ? just becaused i liked Bloody Roar when i was growing up and paws of fury old snes game but you are entitled to your opinion oh and you just gave me a idea to market this to furrys lol.


I’m not calling you a furry at all, you missed the joke. I’m saying now days you cant enjoy anything with animals in it without being labeled as a furry.


I was confused as to the intent of that comic as well.


As was I.

Not that the comic isn’t funny, but I wasn’t sure if it was a flame to the topic or not.


Funny how we’re so quick to assume the worst.


There have been great beast characters in fighting games for the last 20 years. So I’m pretty bummed out that you don’t actually have beasts. Your characters are just people with animal heads. Where are the beasts? Where is the fury? Come on!


Furry stuff notwithstanding, those are some great illustrations. I wish you guys luck and hope you can overcome the stigmatization surrounding your game. I’ll admit it turned me away at first too.

I have to ask, are you ACTUALLY furries? Because clearing that up right from the beginning would be a lot better to audiences than seeing you as not being the least bit self-aware.


As a big fan of Bloody Roar, I’m pretty excited for this project! I’ll definitely donate when I get the chance. Never mind the furry comments. I hope you guys accomplish your goals.


Thanks for the comments its kinda hard we are already branded furries its kinda funny but no we are not we really just a big fan of Bloody Roar series and paws of fury


No the team is not but who cares who plays the game me i always been a fan of bloody roar primal rage but haters gonna hate thanks the art took me a while to do.