Beat 3+frame command throws with (new tech?)


If you tap up^ at the rhythm of your opponents block string with the analog while blocking with the d-pad and your opponent does a 3frame+ command throw you will jump if not you will block.

Think this is viable? Test it out first.


Not new, i used to do this when I would play online tony’s seth and he just started not doing anything then dping me.

Strong abel players will also wait then just cr.hp dash falling sky you.


Experienced players will mix a standard throw with their command grabs. If they notice their opponent likes to jump grab attempts, they will either us a CH setup or a standard grab.

The CH will hit them in their startup frames (which leads to a grounded combo or air reset), or use a standard grab and punish you on the way down.

Example, Zangeif can use a standard grab and if his opponent jumps he can punish them with U2.


Thanks both. No need to use a pad now. I should start learning how to use a stick.


I thought I found some new tech D:


Or more commonly, Lariat.