Beat Down in J-Town by Cherry on top-Little Tokyo, CA -June 19th

Beat Down in J-Town by Cherry on top-Little Tokyo, CA -June 19th

Hello and welcome to all gamers. Cherry on top in Little Tokyo is having their first SSF4 Tournament ever. We are hoping that this will be a big success so that more tournaments can be held in the future. Hope to see you there and spread the hype to all your gamer buddies.

Cherry On Top
333 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

June 19th 2010

4;30pm-6pm free play. 6pm tournament starts on the dot.

Registration will be done through email. Email if you would like to play. There is a 32 man limit to the bracket so it will be a first come first on type of thing. Overflow will be put on a waiting list. Registration starts today 6-4-10.

Entry Fee:
Entry fee is $10 but any purchase of frozen yogurt that day will go toward entry fee. Simply bring the receipt to the registration table and your fee will be lowered. For example if you buy $6 worth of yogurt you only need to pay $4 for entry fee. If you buy $10 or more, entry is free. (will be rounded to a whole number)

Best two out of three matches double elimination . Finals will be best 3 out of 5 matches. Double blind can be done if requested. Winner has to stay same character and same ultra while loser can change.
Bans: None
*Turbo/rapid fire/programmed combos are illegal
*Pausing during matches will result in a warning and possible forfeit of that match depending on judges call

This will be a BYOC event but we will also have 2 to rent out if need be. XBox 360 only.

Guaranteed cash prizes.
Full 32 man bracket:
1st: $70
2nd: $30
3rd: $10
May be subject to change if bracket is not full.

Tournament Rules:

  1. There will be limited space inside for spectators so if the room is packed we will ask players that are not playing to stand outside. Tournament can still be watched from outside so don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing.That is if you dont want to buy yogurt if you dont feel free to fit inside.
  2. NO raging, fighting, name calling, smashing of controllers, etc. Any of this will get you disqualified.
  3. NO interfering with other players whether your are playing or not.
  4. If you are going to be late call the store at (213) 626-2150 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (213) 626-2150 end_of_the_skype_highlighting? and let us know so we can seat you accordingly.
  5. When it is your turn to play we will call your name and you will have exactly 5 minutes to get there otherwise you will forfeit.
    There will be people supervising the games so if there are questions with the rules ask them. They will introduce themselves at the start. They will also have the authority to decide on any situation.

Venue Perks:
Because this is being done at Cherry on Top there are a few perks. One, the frozen yogurt. There are 16 different flavor and 85 toppings so everyone can find something they like. Two, we have drinks. We have a variety of drinks ranging from Japanese ramune to Mexi-cola all in those awesome glass bottle. We also have boba drinks and shaved ice. Finally, we have board games. We have over 20 board games to choose free of charge for customers.

If you have any question feel free to email We will reply as soon as possible.


what system will this be on ? as this is a byoc tourney.

it will be xbox 360. i changed it in the post.

Awesome, I love Little Tokyo. This is inside the Little Tokyo shopping mall, right? I’ll probably swing by.

Are the TV’s and monitors non-lag?

yes we have tried out the tvs and the game runs great with no lag. yes it is in the little tokyo shopping mall.

Heh, a while back I walked into the store and ended up talking to a worker about SSFIV for an hour.

I’ll try to be there!

Bleh, looks like I’ll have to work on the Blanka match up. We’ve played a couple times on Live, I play as Ken. I also know you from the 909 meet up thread haha. Maybe I’ll hit you up for a few matches sometime soon.

darn, wish it was on ps3 ._.

Heh, Blanka isn’t actually my main usually, I just play him a lot online.

Still, hit me up for games if you want.

Also, if at all possible, could I suggest that this tournament be changed to Double Elimination? I could help run the brackets if that’s a problem…

Just for a 10$ entry fee, not a lot of people want to lose one game and leave.

people wont show up if its single elim and 10bucks…

chef i own your blanka…

if its 5 then this will be a diifferent story…


Yes i know the $10 is a little much for entry but you dont have to pay it to play. You can buy $10 worth of yogurt and your entry fee is free. We are having it at a frozen yogurt place after all.

we have listened!!! we know that alot of u have had some concerns about the event that you didnt like, so we did our best and changed it as much as we possibly could with the freedom we are being given which isnt alot. But now we had added as much as we could and hopefully its enough to get u guys to come, and just keep supporting up and i promise our events will get bigger and alot better thanks you guys.
****these are the changes we have made

  • double elimination, now with losers bracket so now u get the most for ur buck.
    -raised prise money to 70,50,10, and again thats the best we can do with the freedom that we are getting but hopfully it still is enough.
    P.S for those of you using ps3’s you should still come we have two arcade sticks for people in those kinda predicaments.

how many setups will be running ?

and what arcade sticks do you guys

have for rental? (how much will you guys charge?)

I might stop by.

the arcade sticks would be free if u need to use them we only put rent cuz other people might want to use them, and one is a TE the other is a hori ex2.

Are there going to be hot Japanese girls serving us Frozen Yogurt?

trust me you guys i am trying my best to get hot japanese girls, but if not it is little tokyo

Good shit! Will totally be there now that it’s double elim.

The frozen yogurt here is legit by the way.

I think I can make it, and I definitely need to borrow that TE stick you guys have for rental :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: