BEAT IT! The Official Cody Frame Trap Thread



Someone requested this, so since no one else took the initiative I might as well xd

So discuss away :smiley: … see ya !!!


I’m guessing by frame trap the person who requested it wants to learn how to pressure the opponent into giving up a counter hit. Most of these can hitconfirm into BnB on CH. (taken from )

  1. F+mp., cr.lp., F+mp… (repeat)
  2. F+mp., cr.lp., cr.lp., D+mk. (slide), cr.lp., F+mp…
  3. F+mp., cr.lp., cr.lp.,, F+hk (Crack Kick)*
  4. F+mp., F+mp., cr.lp., D+mk., cr.lp., F+hk.*

pressure string #1 is pretty standard, since you can loop it, and it’s only a 3 frame gap, but there are other block strings that are shorter like, cr.lp (0 frame gap),, (1 frame gap), and, cr.fp (3 frame gap). In the corner, you can incorporate bad stone:
Taken from option-select presents Cody on youtube

  1. cr.lp, cr.lp,, mp bad stone, (slight approach on block) cr.fp
  2. cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.fp, ex bad stone, (slight approach on block) cr.fp

If you can counterhit cr.fp > ex bad stone there’s so many things you can do to follow it up, like cr. fp xx fierce cu (no meter), > ex cu, or even U2
You can also like CH into U2

The information is out there, just search

Edit: I don’t actually approve of using (slide) in pressure strings just b/c it is super super super punishable (-6 on block and -3 on hit) and I mainly use it as Anti air.

#3, st.hp

Best frame trap IMO.

Counter hits like all the time because of the habit of people crouch teching all the time. BINGO!


One of the ideas is to mix in throws to make opponents tech something and press buttons, so the “ tech throw” (usually a cr.lp+lk to tech the throw, so a comes out) can be caught in a frame trap.
after one or a couple cr.lp’s, a f+mp works well to frame trap them.
but vs the most problematic characters, (chars with fast jabs like shotos and chun-li) and people who spam crouch jab instead of teching, the only thing that works for me is to frame trap with correct spacing, because if i use f+mp, it usually trades (maybe i’m using it wrong).
The avobe quoted strings are good, but are pressure strings/loops, and i can’t seem to force any reaction doing that, except a mash reversal.

I mean, a couple cr.lp, standing far mp (to create space) and inmediately do cr.hp. Their cr.lp will be out of range and my cr.hp will counter hit them.

Another whole problem is reversals fadc. Fear of reversals is my worst enemy right now, because i drop all presure to block a reversal that it may never come.


Against jab spammers and standing throwers you gotta use a bit cuz cody has no good lows, and then when they start using jabs, use these frame traps:

c.lp, c.lp, c.lp, c.fp xx ex rocks
c.lp, c.lp, f+mp, c.fp xx ex rocks, c.hp xx ex rocks, xx LP CU

The reason these work is because the spacing is too far to get hit by most light normals or the gap is too small to be reliably disrupted by a normal. So for example,, c.hp will often get trades which you can link a xx mk rk with. Balrog likes to spam a 3 frame jab so you counter-hit him with 3 and 4 frame gap pressure strings.

What you don’t want to do is crazy shit like
f+mp, c.lp (you’ll trade jabs or get thrown in their face)
c.lp/s.lp, cl.fp
c.lp, c.fp xx ex rocks (5 frame gap)
cl.fp, c.hp xx ex rocks (unless you can visually see the counter-hit msg), f+mp (4 frame gap that’s pretty hard to link after if you trade)

Currently, if you trade reversals against a lot of specials, you’ll be taking the positive end of the deal considering cl.fp and c.hp deal good damage and massive stun.

#6 is a rather good low tbh., c.lp is perfect doable and absolute necessary in cody’s arsenal? c.lp, aswell., c.hp as well O_O wtf


I’m not saying don’t use them. I’m saying if you’re expecting a standing tech or jab mashing, don’t use them cause you will get hit out or thrown. F+mp, c.lp is a 3 frame gap meaning if they mash throw, you get tossed, which is really irritating. I use f+mp, c.lp all the time but only at an unthrowable range and not against a character with a ridiculously good c.lp/ like rog or chun.

I swear though. Chun’s will eat, c.hp all fucking day. at +4 on block is just so unexpected when you eat that c.hp.

I don’t really think is a very good low overall. It’s fantastic as an option selectable low if you’re willing to take the risk and buffer an mk ruffian, and it’s got good reach. But it can’t cancel into itself, it’s a 4 framer, and being +2/-1 is pretty bad considering most c.lks are +1 on block and cody’s lights are all 4 framers.

Now the in AE is significantly better for many many reasons.


cody’s is the farest reaching one in the game if i’m not mistaken. it’s basically our shoto and with 4 frames really good. as typically “low” hitconfirm combostarter it’s bad, but that’s not its purpose. with AE this move will simply rock (bad pun).
tho, chaning slide to a command normal ( and giving us current as and a “typicall” wouldn’t be bad ^^


The problem is shoto cancels into something fairly safe. LP CU is character dependent suicide or safe, rk’s are suicide at that range without a hit confirm, and 4 frame startup is not a good reversal punish. It’s not bad, but I don’t think it has much going for it other than range and cancelable. Though i admit, if it was shorter range, cody might be considered a flaming piece of shit.


my favorite block string is easily cl. mp, cr. lp, f + mp, cr. lp, cr. fierce xxx ex rocks (or fake rocks).

I like this block string because it is easy to get a jab masher in a counter hit. There are 3 chances you can get a guy to mash on jabs and 2 chances to catch him mashing his reversal out.

cl. mp -> cr. lp is a 0 frame gap, so he can’t do anything. F + mp can counter hit very well, which allows it to hit confirm into his BNB. F+mp -> cr. lp is a 3 framer and is safe against shoryuken as long as you hold back (In my experiences). Cr. fierce counter hits any normal. I swear, I have never lost a priority battle with this move. On CH, cr. fierce combos into EX rocks and I think you can follow up at that. You can U2 the crack too. With fake rocks, you can bait reversals out which allows you to punish it.

Also, f+mp, cr. lp, F+mp, cr. mp xxx rocks, f+hk. Its fun to do for mixups.


Hmm I have a question is it safe for example cl. mp, cr. lp, f + mp, cr. lp,, ex rocks, f+mp, cr.lp, cr.lp,, dash foward/backdash? I am asking because I would like to know if what kind of gap is in Cody dash I think his back dash would be safe because of the invincibility frames.


^there is NOTHING safe about it with the exception of, c.lp and ex rocks into c.lp, c.lp is also only safe if chained.

while cody’s backdash suxx balls a great deal hits forward dash is atleast kinda decent. gimmicks like bisons forward dash => throw or also work for cody. as comparsion, bison’s forward dash lasts 17 frames and cody’s for 18. (bison goes a little further tho).

in terms of backdash, it has a duration of 23 frames which is one of the more faster, but well… it’s more a “stepback” : X