Beat me up! i want a coaching group thing! NEW SSF4 FRIENDS! STUDY GROUP! PRACTICE

so ive now attended the toe-fu dojo event twice now and have improved quickly since i joined srk in some aspects but have gained some really bad habits like rushing down alot because when im not playing at the toe-fu dojo my only opponent is my friend chris whos main is vega and has weak wake up options so i just go auto pilot and forget what ive learnd and fall back in to a pattern

so if anyone could be kind to possibly invite or let me know where ppl are playing
that would be nice since im a newbie on srk and feel sorta like my skills are luke warm right now

i also main ryu just cause i think its a good solid place to start

pm me or just reply here i guess look forward to getting better haha

lol. srk is dope.

Action bastard!!!

Edit: Wtf Srk? Action Bastard was typed in all capitals to convey my excitement, having just watched some shin chan recently, and you have spell checked me and forced me to use proper grammar.

Trace: yup.

Stric: it’s actually just because the entire post can’t be in all caps.

Austin: Don’t blame your habits on anyone other than yourself, it will only stunt your development.

Since you’re already attending events, just keep doing so, play online, and add maybe Cole’s dojo and Gameclucks to your list…biggest piece of advice I can give you for now is to think less about what you want to do, try to play more reactionary, figure out what your opponent wants to do and have an answer ready to counter them.

What’s up Austin. Some friendly tips :

  1. Always be ready for anti-air. As a learning player, you should start by using bar to ex anti air. Once your comfortable with the timing and execution, then you can adjust to using mp shoryu to anti air with out bar and get that extra shoryu combo. As a player who sits for long enough to find my opponents weakness and rush in, if I see you can’t ani air I’m going to win in a few combos. It’s just fighting game 101. DON’T GET JUMPED IN ON unless from certain ranges you have no choice… like Bison.

  2. Rush down is my forte, but should not be attempted unless your rush is calculated. Meaning you should know the ranges of the other characters normals, your ranges, and the speed of those moves.

  3. Use a stick.

  4. You live not even 5 minutes from me, I’ll hit you n chris up for some sessions soon.

If you’re just starting off with Ryu (or any character fore that matter)… Each time you sit down to play online or some casuals, avoid jumping or dashing for like 10-15 matches. With any character, you want to be comfortable with all of their normals and their walk speed so not jumping or dashing forces you to work on your ground game which is such a huge part of this game. Just a suggestion. I do it every time I pick up a new character and it really helps me build a strong foundation for my ground game.

If you continue to do this each time you play, you’ll know what normals are best used in certain situations and having this foundation will immediately put you ahead of many players at your level.

Good luck.

Defeatist excuses! That’s just you not reacting fast enough to air-to-air.

Best tip I can give with Ryu is master linking jab to sweep (aka learn how to plink!). I can do a little write up on how to plink or help you in person some time if you aren’t aware.

Just play. As once a super new scrub pad player I can tell you that early progress will come from just playing. Habits are curable you just need to get a feel for the game. Get your combos down. When you lose think of the match and ask yourself what was I doing wrong. Rounds/Matches can come down to 2-3 bad decsions learn what bad decisions you make and fix them. Learn your BnB’s use random block in training mode and practice hit confirming. Don’t ever think you’re never going to progress you are a human of course you will.

I second guess my round house and crouch fierce all the time now that I try to react and get counter hit jumped in on because my timing was a little off :shake: Reacting with Bison anti air is so quick it’s almost preemptive, but at the same time I should use jab psycho crusher and forward dash stand short more often. I feel like I think about using all of them before someone jumps, then by the time I make up my mind I’m already blocking the jump in lol

Oh also, he uses a pad so no plinking… hint hint use a stick lol

edit: Re-read carlos’ post. When you lose, try to look at how you gave up damage and how you managed to deal damage. Every time you get hit you’re revealing a hole in your defense or a flaw in your offensive approach. After understanding these flaws, adjust and try again.

Hahaha yeah I do that too. I’ve been playing Chun a lot and someone jumps and I’m like roundho–no too slow… neutral mk? nah awkward angle, well I could low medium pu–and by that time I just have to block. Don’t forget air to air though, I think a lot of bison players don’t utilize his randomly high jump arc to anti-air with jump back fierce (moves his hitbox away) and the like. I’ve also seen neutral jump hk/mk,hp… jump away mp… He jumps so high so fast that it works in a lot of situations. The more varied your anti-airs are, the more discouraged your opponent is from jumping IMO.

Oh… hm. You could plink face buttons on a pad but yeah I guess with rh being a trigger that’d be interesting… You could potentially still plink, and hey if you mess up maybe the mk will hit.

With Bison can’t you just standing roundhouse everything?

Nah if you jump on top of bison’s head it doesn’t reach. Although the unnecessary buff to his rh in super makes this harder now.

yeah well I have a shit job so I’m working my way to a stick but i do plink on pad it does work.
mainly i barrow chris’s every night after are match and run through the arcade 2 twice a night then do my homework.
also as for playing online i have terrible internet clearwire so online matchs are really hard due my lag.

does cole’s dojo = afro dojo ?

This thread should be closed eh?

There is no reason to play the computer. Hit the training mode or trial mode.

I only run through arcade to feel more comfortable with the stick.
mainly pad is to slow for counter DPs i have hard enought time landing DP fadc ultra 1 with ryu as it is but have landed it once with a stick.

and emanual hit me on my facebook cause me chris are always playing on daily basis so were down to play when ever.

Playing the computer isn’t as dumb as it seems. You can learn a few things from it easily. Its nothing close to fighting another person, but If you need to get a few things straight like punishing with your hardest hitting combo, or trying to become more comfortable with a character’s normals it can be useful.

You to carlos i know your busy playing pros and what not but let us get some practice playing you cause chris is picking up dudley now too. haha

Yeah I do that alot I play matches with my friend where its strictly pokes and poke strings so we get better idea of range and speed. But I still suck at understanding frame data so I miss interpret start up and active frames to make traps so I’ve been listening to that what everyone said here and play on reaction and stand HK with ryu owns for a anti air haha

Good_not_Great: Playing against the computer on hardest is actually a good idea for one reason- it will force you to play extremely safe. Any time you make a poor spacing decision in footsies or mess up blockstrings/leave a gap to be thrown through, the computer will punish you. If you think of arcade mode as “lame” training, you’ll learn patience that beats a lot of players that can’t handle lame.

Neutral st mk is a REALLY good anti-air, you just have to know which characters you’re fighting against. Obviously, moves like that are bad against Adon, Cammy, or anyone else who can change their jump trajectory. But otherwise, it’s good enough to beat the people’s elbow (all of them), and even trades with moves like Dictator j.fierce (if you’re fighting dic, you should be using cr.strong or df+lk to trade into dash legs or ultra anyway, but never mind that).

I wouldn’t suggest using RH with chun as anything but a zoning tool to prevent them from jumping or hitting them out of special startups. It’s too slow and has a mediocre hitbox.

Long story short, with chun, if you know the matchup, her anti air options are GDLK. Just keep the matchup you’re playing in mind and your opponent’s character will make your AA decisions for you, so you don’t need to think.