Beat my score (version 2)

Heh, you guys wanna try flash games again? This has absolutely nothing to do with fan art, but oh well, it’s not like this forum is really moderated anyways. Can take a while to load, but it’s so worth it:

-While in real life there may be advantages to tossing underhand, I’ve had a lot more succes just beaming it in.
-Consecutive sunken balls give nice point bonuses.
-Hit the plane with you paper ball for 400 pts. (If you’re in the middle of a combo, you can still catch the ball afterwards and continue the combo)

It’s addicting. Have fun, and check the high score, suckas :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaah im not gonna even try that game, i suck at it big time

im gonna try this game out right now.

There, go play this one. To start playing, you have to click the tiny link at the top left.