beat my score

Beat my score on the matching game! under matching game.

I dont know why it doesnt save my name in the list anyone know?

I got 940960

Its says I got 7th place

D’oh! Got somewhat close, but no cigar. Doesn’t look like it recorded my score either though. shrug

EDIT: Does anyone else find it stupid that the rightmost face buttons on that new Nuby controller are L1 and R1 instead of R1 and R2? Seems like a specialty controller should match the default settings. Talked to a few other people about it. Nobody seems to be as irked by it as I am.

LOL… true it’d make more sense if the buttons fit the default config better, but then you’d have the whole thing of having the L2 button (“LEFT shoulder button 2”) on the RIGHT shoulder :slight_smile:

I think the reason why your handles don’t show up on the scoreboard is because they’re too long. most names on the board don’t go beyond 6 characters.

I guess it dosn’t let you put your name down if you get first.

jay is me…i used to have like 3rd

damn this game is easy. I got 3rd.

here’s a better game


i beat all of u!!! and on my first try too :smiley:

i got 962100


Daaang thats a really good score. You are the man hit! You hold the title.

Orisinal games OWN.

Snow Bowling is my favorite ^-^ <- for those who haven’t tried it.


got 961300, wonder when they’ll but me up

I am in third place:D