Beat Plane underrated?

I’ve been playing competitively at my arcade for a couple of months now, and what surprised me a lot was that not a lot of people used Beat Plane as they did in MVC1.

Apparently because it was a crappy super, and Hyper Megaman does so much more damage.

But I have found that Beat Plane can be great, provided you time the super right.
Ex: Opponent prepares Ironman Super. You superjump -> Beat Plane. Flyyyy down and mash a bomb to get him out of the super then mash punch.

Against Cookie Cutter teams, of course doing such a move would be rather foolish. (Except against a Sentinel, in my experience)

What is your opinion on Beat plane?

I think it just pends on how u mash it like the open coffin super with anak. if u don’t mash it right it won’t do as good as u want it to and ur just better off doin the for sure damage with the hyper megaman instead of the possible useless super so it’s really up to the player in my opinon + it’s kinda harder to set up sometimes


It just sucks, plane and simple (typo intended). Hyper Megaman generally sucks too, save the meter and just either end with buster or the throw reset.

Beat Plane with meter can accidentally DHC and get you killed. Beat Plane without meter starts up REALLY slowly and finishes a little badly. It’s just not a safe move.

Opponent preparing Ironman Super without covering that is a dumbass. Be even cuter - use Hyper Megaman from superjump air space, and as the downward bombs hit Ironman, DHC. It’s a fun stupid Marvel trick that that works with a surprising amount of supers. =P

I agree if you are facing veteran players, they will make sure to punish you for using beat plane.

What I’ve recently been fooling around with is not mashing anything for a couple of seconds, then when the opponent goes for an attack I just mash the fuck out of everything.

It works against intermediate players, or impatient vets.

Sure, it wastes a super bar, and does not a lot of damage, but it’s still funny to use such an odd super and have it be successful. :3

The beat plane is fucken annoying. I usually try to punish that shit. My friend does it all the time and sometime hes successful with actually hitting you with that shit. It sucks too because has spidey as his 2nd character then he baits you out. If you act you get maximum spidered. hahaha you can she that shit on my videos.

I don’t understand? I didn’t see any videos that showed him doing that - is there some specific one I should look for? It’s really not very hard to block, doesn’t do too much damage, and you can generally use the meter better with other characters. If you’re being baited out due to him punishing the assist, just jump forward blocking. Or punish on start-up. Or use CapCom and blow him up when he tries to switch over.

Generally I saw him always DHCing from that (even when the DHC wasn’t safe), which was strange and dangerous to me. :smile:

Oh sorry about that Preppy. Let me look for the videos. I thought he would do that in some of the videos on youtube.

Edit: I looked through my videos I couldn’t find anything good. Well this is deal, he does the beat plane to basically annoy or frustrate his opponent. Then he gives them a moment to try to attack then from there he dhcs. So you can use the beat plane for baiting if you have a good character to dhc into such as storms hail or whatever. When he dhc’d from the beat plane I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking. hahaha He knows better than that.

It just doesn’t do enough chip damage for me to think it’s even worth trying to attack someone doing beat plane randomly. If they’re just going to hang out doing nothing with Beat Plane (in order to bait an attack), that’s cute, but I don’t see why. Even with Hail Storm, Sent just needs to do crouching spit (why do people keep doing standing?) and it’s not a bad trade. But they’re going to fall to ground vulnerable, as always, so you don’t need to attack early anyways. Just punish as they fall. :sad:

Yeah I understand what you mean. He just does it for fun. haha Against most characters just bring the beat plane down to the ground as much as possible to recover quicker then instead of falling from the very top of the screen. What characters can punish the beat plane after being closer to the ground as much as possible?


Check out 2:10

I’ve never thought about using Beat Plane as bait to DHC… that’s an interesting idea… thanks. :slight_smile:

You just gotta be careful where you land the plane because you’ll get your ass punished. Also don’t let Sent get over you when you do the plane because he will beat the shit out of you in the air. Try to land as close to the ground as possible for quicker recovery. You can see in the video that he recovers pretty damn fast when he closer to the ground and watch the distance.

Yeah, Sent can fly completely out of range (above) of Beat Plane. :sad:

If people try to guard cancel against Beat Plane, put pauses between the missiles to throw them off. Still, not a great look. :smile:

Filbert should really work on buster placement - you see his busters fly over the opponent’s head a lot. And 2x buster is much more painful than one lonely buster. :smile:

hahaha yeah, I’ll go ahead and tell him that. He’s a member but he never posts anything. Thanks Preppy. Do you have any more megaman tips?


I really, really hated how Capcom just nerfed the hell out of Beat Plane.

Now, I pretty much use it in the same way I did in Marvel vs. Capcom 1, but, for starters, I make sure to always pull it off in the air, at a safe distance away from my opponent. Then, I’ll just hit FP and FK repeatedly and focus on flying to prevent getting tacked up during the move. If I managed to catch my opponent in it, I usually DHC into another Super (usually Lunch Rush) or back off when the Time meter runs out.

True, and it did happen to me when I started playing the game way back when.
Then, I realised that to prevent that from happening in the first place, don’t press both punches or both kicks while you’re moving with Beat Plane. I use FP and FK to fire my shots on the move, and then all four when I’m near my opponent and somewhat still.

What I think would be interesting, is using Jin, Ken, or Amingo or any other character that has a stationary Anti-Air super, and bait the opponent to the Beat Plane, and punish them for getting too close with one of the above chracter’s DHC.

Although most of Ken’s shinyuken damage comes in the first couple of seconds of the super, and if you’re really high up, that would just be wasting a meter calling him out.

So I guess what we HAVE established for sure is that you cant go too high with Beat Plane. It’s just too risky, and not very strategically sound.


My mark of top tier blocking (MvC1) used to be if you could block my Beat Plane. Plus ground combo into Beat Plane was hilarious. But top tier blocking in Marvel 2 is being able to block all of an excellent Strider/Doom. You should be able to block Beat Plane for free. :sad: (You can’t judge on blocking Mag-Storm too much, that gets a little too random at the high levels.)

As much as they really killed Megaman’s vehicles (who uses Rush Drill ever?), at least he didn’t get Raging Nerfed like poor little Roll.

Did some experimenting with beat plane against competitive players the other day.

Basically, they blocked 95% of my beat planes. Haha

But I’ve found that you should NEVER use beat plane against a couple of characters:
Sentinel and Storm.

They can just fly out of Beat plane’s reach, and then drop down and abuse the shit out of you.

Two characters who I found are pretty vulnerable to the plane though is Iron man and Magneto. Megaman can easily just fly over Iron man’s super as long as the player sees the super in preperation and SJ’s. And BP can fly over Magneto’s beam super. But you’ll already need to be in the air to avoid it pretty much.

I also just thought of something interesting. BP would be interesting to play against a cable player. Stay out of his AA path, and you just mash to get directly above him so he cant just drop a HVB.

^-- Yeah, but you’ll get killed by jump jab, jump FP, AHVB to death if you’re close, or guard-cancel AHVB if you’re far away (unless you do the gapped missiles). :sad:

The thing that sucks against Magneto is that, if he has one level. All he has to do is a magnetic shockwave and that will stop the BP. I do that all the time to my friend hahaha. So just watch out for that.

i havent been hit by it by an actual player just the computer, and if they EVER land it one me fully i can still catch them off the lag.

So i’m sayin its hittin me with every hit but its lag is so bad i can dash up launch.

beat plane is whack and plus no one is gonna get hit by bait into dhc. i just don’t see it happening since as soon as beat plane is activated you opponent is looking at mega mans options which are dhc, attack close , attack from afar. i mean dhc is his ONLY safe option from there