Beat the #1 Guy on the leaderboards in Garou: MOW!

I’m pumped! I played him a few times today and after evaluating what I needed to do, I beat him! It was great, wish I would have recorded it though. I’m especially excited because I just recently decided to get serious about fighting games and this was a great way to start.

Pics or it didn’t happen right?

After Match Details

His spot on leaderboard. I’ve also beaten the #4 guy, that koko person. Pretty cool since, as you can see by my record I’m not that good, but I’m getting better and I’m sure we all know about the netcode in this game. :lame:

I don’t know how to display to pictures in the post without having to click on them.

Congrats I guess. Hope you didn’t get get a lag victory. :smiley:

I don’t think I did, it was something like 130 ms, I think thats pretty good.

Nobody cares.

Just looked at the #1 ranked player’s name. It’s a Japanese. No wonder why he’s ranked so high. Good shit my man. :clapdos:

Thanks clear sky :wink:

And Mechzz, if you don’t care, that is fine, its your opinion but no reason to be down right cruel about it.

I’m almost 100% positive that someone named KonohaShinobi is white.

(or at least, strictly not japanese.)

He lost 508 other times too

Why would you make thread about this? Not only that take the time to take a pic & then post it…Imagine someone making 511 threads, the amount time the dude lost…

lol @rcaido. but yeah everybody loses everybody has off days etc etc. he’s not perfect lol

but cg anyway :smiley:

Good on you and I’m not trying to take anything away from you but usually the #1 people on live are ass and use boosting with multiple accounts or disconnect methods to get there. I know that is/was the case with KoF98UM and SF IV anyway. This guy could very well be legit and congrats on your victory :tup:

Play one of the like, 4 people always on GGPO. Those guys are monsters @.@;

Are you serious? I doubt someone with 500+ losses (out of 1000 wins) is not legit…

anyway congrats to the OP.

Good shit man :).

considering the #2 guy today sucks giant balls and has ragequit on me several times in ranked…yes, I believe the #1 spot might not be legit.

The only time a spot isn’t legit is when they are like 1000-0 or something and never lost… considering the #1 guy had put in a considerable time and effort (and took his losses without quitting) that is legit.

Do you really think this is an achievement… really?? Online is not anything like real life. Online play is like an extended training mode that is all. Congrats on beating some random guy on the internet… :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

So the guy has a 50% win rate? Ok.

The lag on Mark of the Wolves is all one sided. One person gets a perfect connection while the other gets all the lag. I’ve been schooling some of the nastier Japanese KOF players on this simply because of the B.S. lag.

It’s still a good accomplishment, but unfortunately unless Playmore gets off their rear and fixes the netcode there is no way of telling how good the Japanese players really are.

If true, then how is this even playable? Even something like 50ms ping, if it’s entirely one sided, then the host is basically playing 6 frames ahead of the sucker.