BeatDown 3 Keep Fighting FIngerCramp

Thanks for the amazing event guys. Big shoutout to the new players and to next level with their amazing staff.

Top MVC 3 include

  1. FC Andre / Jago
  2. Essex
    3.Liston the Prince

Top 3 SSF4

  1. Dieminion
  2. Dragon God
  3. Chris HU

Top notch stream quality.

But you wouldve gotten alot more viewers if you put the stream link on srk’s front page. For people like myself, i only knew about your stream from when you were on teamspooky’s stream talking about your tournament/donation drive the other week. But other than that, the general viewers wouldn’t even know about it.

Just letting you know for future reference because your stream was entertaining and enjoyable so i want it to get bigger.

Only 5th place at MvC3 :frowning: Hopefully I’ll do better next time if there is another one and am able to make it