Beatdown II Aug 14th Tournament Results


SSF 4 Singles

  1. Perfect Legend
  2. Alucard
  3. Jacob Patenaude
  4. Shinlad
  5. Kyle Lebarre
  6. RJ Franks
  7. MyndGamez
  8. Daniel In

SSF 4 Doubles

  1. Jacob Patenaude/Shinlad
  2. MyndGamez/Jessica Abramovich
  3. Daniel In/Johnny


  1. King Beef
  2. Greg
  3. Stan

Congrats to all the winners

Check vids from event at YouTube - i208khonsu’s Channel

See some pics from event at Welcome to


good shit PL and Alucard


Shoutouts to Andre, though I don’t see your name up there, you are certainly there in spirit. Great show in the team tournament and now I suggest you learn how to play a new character and start beating rufus and bison, err I mean losing to them. Cause that’s what you did.

Antoine, it was great meeting you bro. You have a really vicious rog and I can’t wait to play more when we meet up in Columbus.

PL, good shit at winning singles. I’m tired of losing to you, I’m working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Curly Voodoo and Myndgamez, way to get second in the team tournament, a very strong showing and even inspired me to play a bit of chun li and never pick weak old sagat again.

Kyle, you need to drop Rose and pick up a real character. Chun seems popular these days.


Very well run tourney all around. I had a good time, even if I was pretty disappointed with my playing. Antoine, it was awesome watching/playing against your Rog. I don’t think I could ever play him that aggressively, but I definitely picked up some new stuff from you. Good shit to Myndgamez for making the Chun-Rog match look impossible. I’ll figure it out soon!