Beatdowns you wish you could have back


So the saying goes that you learn more from defeat than from victory. With that in mind, I was thinking we could share some of the matches or encounters we wish we could have back and what we learned from them.

Last Sunday I played DGV for the first time. I was in a room with Marsgatti2009 and someone else I don’t remember at the moment (my apologies sir… or ma’am) and I was just completely unprepared. His spacing, his zoning, everything was perfect. Everytime I would get my cammy in close enough to do damage, he always knew just when to cut my strings off so i’d do a little damage but never seriously threaten him and he’d reset back to a perfect position for his Ryu and it was so frustrating.

What I learned is that when playing a top level (arguably according to SRK one of the best) Ryu as Cammy, cancelling hooligan rolls to avoid fireball traps only works when he doesn’t see it coming (and he clearly saw it coming) and maybe sometimes its better to take a fireball to the face and advance on the ground than jump and be swept, fireballed, or SRKed. The other thing I learned is that you can overuse the fake fireball and if you can anticipate the fake over the real one, you can get in, this is when I did the most damage and when I actually threatened him.

What I wish I could take back was having such a poor showing in front of such a great player. He probably thinks I’m a total scrub (and I might be, depending on who you ask I suppose) and may never waste his time again. Although in fairness to my performance, Marsgatti2009; a player who I have nothing but respect for, was also pwned extremely hard… and that’s not something I see too often. So I don’t feel terrible, I just feel pretty bad that I didn’t play better and I hope I didn’t leave such a negative impression that he’ll just ignore me next time I see him in a room or choose not to waste his time. I learned alot in this series of defeats.


Don’t feel too bad. DGV owns a lot of people pretty hard, not just you.


Don’t feel bad, friend. I’ve faced DGV once in my life, and he double-perfected me. I absolutely had no idea who he was, and then…BAM! Guy is a BEAST. Since then I’ve learned new ways of advancing with Cammy, so I hope to give him a better matchup in the future. Its better for you if he thinks you’re a scrub, that way you surprise him!

Don’t give up!

If I could take back anything? My first matches with De Mavrik. I was alot worse back then, but I always thought I’d progress better if I took enough beatings. He obliterated me for about 20 matches. Now I can finally defend myself lol.


Oh yeah, De Mavrick is another beat down story at first for me just like that, although we played 20 matches the other day and I went 8-12 vs his Bison, I nearly jumped for joy and did a little dance… for my next beatdown story, the loss of my manhood during my celebration rituals…


lol i remember that room and i only hit him once with a flash kick lol yea me and dgv matches are usually one sided where he just destroys me lol, but very rarely i manage to almost beat him lol. But as they say, you live to fight another day my friend. Im sure you’ll face him again. Nothing to be down about, win some you lose some. Honestly i dont think he will ignore you man, dgv is a very nice person, really humble. godbless


Okay, I love the consoling from my fellow peers on my beatdown, but maybe other people could share some of theirs, what they learned, etc. I mean we can make it group therapy for everyone with a good beatdown story. BTW, Marsgatti, you know I’ve got nothing but respect for your game so I’m glad you didn’t get mad about that. Just offering a frame of reference for the readers. God bless you too sir.


anytime good sir :smile:


The only games I wish I could have back are the ones where I’m about 95-100% life and the opponent has no pixels of health left, and manage to lose the round brutally. Those are the kind of matches where I watch it over and over again in my mind trying to figure out where I could have landed that extra bit of chip.

I’m talking to you Vanilla Tears, ggs, but man, I gotta work on that clutch. :rofl:


When I first played Damdai in ST over a year ago on 2DF I went 2-20 against him. I’m a lot better now but damn that was embarrassing. DVG is also pure fucking skill. I’ve been getting my ass kicked by him since HF.


Can you just make this a DGV thread…

Yeah my worse beating was handed to me by DGV. It was for the Anniversary Edition. I think it was like 40-0…After that beating i stop playing SF for like 7 months…

I got back into SF by playing ST remix, my gief has been going very strong. I ran into DGV again & same results :rofl: Although im not going to quit this time…


I wish I could have this moment back:



^^^^^ I knew you’d mention that!

PS. GL in the tourny this weekend. Sorry I couldn’t make it up. I know it will be fun!


The beatdown: [media=youtube]jOZiV1jz5u0"[/media]

The reasons:

#1) Its on YouTube for everyone to see and laugh at.
#2) I am a trillion times better (no hyperbole) than the GoldenArch in that video today.


You honestly did much better than you think! Sure, you made some mistakes, but you almost took 2 rounds off Eggo. And you didn’t randomly jab SRK all day (which is what I do with my Ken, lol).


I keep getting schooled at the moment, mainly because my quest of learning every single character seems to be far from complete


Getting killed repeatedly by jump short, bite by a blanka player at Evo. Twice. As in double jeopardy. :sad: I only got to play one other person.


What is the big deal about DVG?
Is he so much better on HDr than ST?
Because i played him before(on GGPO), and didnt even know about him.
He’s on a lot at GGPO.
Not saying i have my way with him, but it was a good back and forth there.
And i dont consider anyone who goes back and forth with me to be expert level.
Like DjFrijles, Afro, Ganelon and Gram


GGPO? I’ve only been on there 3 times since HDR came out…and even then, the last time I logged on was like 2 months ago. I do remeber playing you though…“back and forth”?? hmm, there was a reason why I left at 30 battles. Not saying that they weren’t good battles though.


I fought you this weekend and you killed me.


I think its silly that as good as dhalsim is, he’s also got block safe moves, theres just no justification for that.