Beaten by friend whose never played before

So I got SSF4 maybe 5-6 days ago and I’ve put in about 20 hours. I can execute combos, special moves, links, ultras, etc. About 7/10 times. I main Ibuki and can pull off vortexs online against decent players. However my problem is my friend came over and with no experience beat me 2 rounds using Sagat mashing random buttons! Now I assume this is me still being a noob, so do you guys have any tips on how to improve my game so I can kick his ass next time?

Does he do Tiger Uppercut most of the time when you try something on wakeup? If so, just walk or dash next to him like you are going to pull something off, then just block. Stuff like this should condition him into mashing less.

Don’t even get frustrated when you lose to him in the first place. You’ve had the game for only 6 days, and offline is a different beast than offline. Maybe his day 1 Sagat knows something that you don’t obviously. The more you play, the more you will pick up on little things that normally day 1 and 2 casuals will blow over.

If he’s literally just mashing, don’t get too complex trying to throw a vortex on him or anything. Just stand there and block until he does something punishable.

aside from what everyone else has said already:

if you try to learn bout how to control space in street fighter, i think youll have more success against your friends in general, especially if they dont understand what that means

thanks for all the help! i’ll try and take all of these things into account next time i play

Learn to block.

fighting games arent all about execution and mindgames and vortexes

at their core its about reading a person

a vortex and oki game is not going to work on someone who will mash on wakeup every time

understand that you dont need to do any of that shit when simply blocking and punishing on wakeup is enough

like art, less is more

Find something he can’t beat, throw kunai’s all day. Probably can’t block properly.

Just block and punish.

You can’t control the insane. If he literally has no idea what he’s doing, then if you left him alone he would defeat himself. He wouldn’t learn from his mistakes, he wouldn’t execute properly and fall under mindgames etc.

Punish what you see and let him flail away.

This stuff has happened to me too, honestly. My 9-year old brother tends to mash and he can be hard to beat sometimes.

I agree with what others are saying. If you’re executing your moves properly, blocking and controlling the space, you should be able to catch him off guard properly and punish him accordingly.

  1. Jump less
  2. Vary how you deal with tiger shots (neutral jump, FA, etc)
  3. Block-Punish
  4. Learn 2 matchup-specific tricks against Sagat.

Once you master these tactics you should be able to take down both your friend and most of your Sagat opponents in ranked matches through about 2000 PP. Below 2000 PP you’ll get a lot of random mashing and cheese. It’s hard to tell the new players, from the decent players on an alt, from a drunken cat rolling around on a fightstick.

I find that sometimes when I learn new things, I get so intent on trying to use them in-game that while I’m in the process of trying to use them, I get beaten. Do whatever you have to do to win the match right now, even if it’s only one move. You’ll have plenty of time to work all your fancy combos into your game.

Best thing to do against people that’re new to the game is slow your play down completely… go back to basics. Also, ask yourself questions after you play; did he jump a lot? Did he do a lot of random TU’s? TS spam? All these are things you should pick up on during a set of matches and learn to punish. Usually people like that tend to kill themselves however, just take it easy and wait for them to make the mistakes they’re inevitably going to make.

Also, don’t beat yourself up, as other people have mentioned offline is different to online with regards to timing. And you’ve only had the game for 6 days so you’re still new to it yourself.

block & punish.

vs new mashing players. just play lame.
yes, it’s boring. but you win. always. all the time.