Beating an RC vega


How do i beat rc vega? Theres the a kid at the local arcade who uses A rolento/vega/cammy. His vega completly wipes out my whole team. His game with him is walk back forward for 20 seconds mk, slide and when he gets close enough he does that rc b+f lp. Its extreamly hard to get in on him and he rarely misses his rcs. Any advice?


RC command hop and chew him in the back of the head when he does the RC claw roll. Or if you don’t have Blanka, roll and sweep when he RC’s…


When i predict that hes gonna rc I roll but when i get out of the roll hes already to far away to hit. My team is C Ryu Cammy (2) Sagit.

I can RC as well but im not nearly as accurate as him.


Pick iori. His roll can do it. Quick and short.


Once you get close, stay close. It’s a guessing game after blocking a claw roll, so don’t always try to attack after that. (If Vega d.MP’s after that, you can roll… but if he sits doesn’t d.MP, he’ll throw you if you roll etc…) Play patient. Know the range of Vega’s slide so you never get knocked down stupidly. Always be ready to tech throw too. Vega throws a lot. I use d.MP a lot when I have Ryu.

As soon as the round starts, Vega is always in control of the match. You’ll have to give that to him, as there’s nothing any other character can do about it (nobody beats him in speed and range). You need to know when Vega’s giving you an opening. I always look for the following:

-RC claw roll

All that is roll or JD bait right there. d.HP especially. If you block d.HP up close, don’t forget to always cash in on your free sweep (or custom combo in my case).

With Cammy, try getting in with j.LK. Stay there once you’re in. I use d.MP and s.HP a lot. With Sagat, press a lot of d.HP. Holy shit! I just won again!

Anybody have anything else to deal with Vega?


-jump strait up when ur on top of him and when u think hes gonna RC, or jump back (depending on the circumstances)



Knock him down, bait him to rc and throw him. Or if you used a character with a deep meaty attack you can use those on rc characters on the wake up since apparently most players cant rc perfectly on a wake up. Dunno why since roll is special and can be used as a wake up reversal…


well just roll super on him!
and try to run away as well…
use he’s tactic again him…