Beating auto correct DP with crossup tatsu?

Is it possible to beat an auto correct DP with a crossup tatsu? I always seem to get hit out of it but I’m not sure if my spacing is just less than ideal.

I pretty sure it has more to do with timing than spacing… I haven’t really looked into how it happens, but I’m almost 100% sure the DP shouldn’t even auto correct.
And if it does, yes, it should beat it.
(failed to find a video on it. There’s probably a ton though.)
EDIT: I should note I am assuming you’re talking about AE2012.

When the opponent mashes a reversal DP correctly, it will auto-correct to whatever side you are on in that instant. However, DPs move forward slightly in that direction. So, as you are in the air, the DP will miss if you are in front of them when they mash only if you cross to the other side in the few frames it takes for the DP to start up.

Now, I don’t know how hard this is to do with a crossup tatsu, it might be the case that you cant time it to beat both things at once, you might have to choose whether you want to cross him up or miss to bait out a shoryu. It’s definitely possible to beat both with a regular jumping crossup and good spacing.

If you are not hitting the opponent exactly on his 1st frame waking up, its possible for them to delay that shoryu slightly until you pass enough overhead to be auto-corrected. This is the case with Vega’s walldive against opponents with good shoryus - the vega player will attack an instant after wakeup in anticipation of a possible shoryu, but doing this gives the opponent the ability to delay the shoru until Vega’s crossup passes far enough overhead to be auto-correct-shoryu’d.

Almost always, both you and the opponent have the option to beat eachother’s moves if you fully understand what is possible. It’s the attacker’s job to make his attack as ambiguous as possible so that the defender has to take bigger risks. When it comes to wakeup-games where your attack isn’t guaranteed to be safe, at least make sure you have good way to punish your opponent for guessing wrong when he tries to punish/avoid an attack you didn’t make (such as jumping in at an angle designed to trick your opponent into thinking you will cross-up-tatsu their block, which instead intends to punish their shoryu).