Beating Cody with chun-li

Thought i would get a better response here.

At what point in a block string, can i punish cody. If that makese sense, i noticed that his block string is at a frame disadvantage right before he does the hurrican upercut move, i can usually jab out an lp with chunli before that IF he is in range.
I cant seem to do much after blocking the hurricane, i’ve read i can do ultra? sometimes a sweep connects, other times it’s too far? [even though cody starts off at the same close range]

what can i do to his jump in’s
specially if he jumps straight up when im knocked down [usually does some punch move]

I’m assuming you’re talking about nj. HP. If he safe jumped it you can’t really do anything but block it or dash it. If he dropped a combo into a criminal upper it’ll most likely be a hp version. You can definitely sweep, but if he’s using the lp as a block string ender and you’re close enough any move of yours that beats 5 frames can be a free combo for you.

even tho it’s agaisnt cody’s favor, i’ve made a list regarding the punishment options each character has against cody’s LP CU.

this is only for LP CU, because it’s the “most safe” one - even tho it’s not really safe. it has -5 frame disadvantage so it’s most likely a one or 2 frame punisher window for the opponent. you can do much more if he uses mp or hp criminal upper, like sweep, ultra, etc

here you go - list is incomplete but chun li is allready done.

it’s after a typical “block” combo.

Sometimes your sweep was hitting me cus I was spacing my CU’s wrong, if CU is done a tiny bit too far, your opponent will fall out of its range and be out of blockstun quicker. Sweep is too slow to punish CU and is too risky to even just throw out after as Cody’s Zonk beats Chun’s sweep.

you gotta watch out for her cross-over reverse air kicks, it can get confusing.