Beating Gief...



How do you beat gief?

Also I want to ask about, what can raven do against consistent block strings…?

What are good raven combo setups? And what is his anti air…?


Same way any projectile zoner beats Gief, stay patient and be a wily son of a bitch.

He can teleport or backdash, qcf+LK+HK also has plenty of invulnerability.


Ah I never used qcf+LK+HK… Interesting.

But again I can’t teleport that much, he will lariet or insta throw after it… it’s also harder to projectile zone gief as they removed the jump back shiruken


I meant use teleport the way other characters use their teleport, to get away. Gief is so damn slow now that a teleport away means he has to work all over again to get in.

Jump back shuriken nerf hurts, but he still has more projectiles than most of the cast. Start off by being patient and using this general plan:

Did he jump at you? St.MK or far HK, if he’s close jumping, walk under or cr.MP

Is he moving forward next to you or using green hand? Use cr.MK or far MP with a shuriken or wind cross behind it.

Is he doing nothing at a non threatening distance? Throw a shuriken for the hell of it.

A lot of characters have the same basic plan against Gief


Does raven have an overhead attack?


I believe Skull Smasher is. ( > lk)


Is the forward mk one? You can’t really combo off a > lk


You can combo plenty off it! One combo is



  • BK+


Wind Cross - CR.


Alter Ego


Oh I didn’t notice you could do BK+ MK > LK into Windcross lol

How do you do those icons btw?


: lp :
remove the space



:lp: thank you xD