Beating Gill

how? i have the jap version for dc and am trying to unlock all the stuff and even on the lowest setting i can’t beat him (yes i’m new to this game) any help at all?

Chun-Li his ass, crouching HP, Spinning Bird Kick, repeat, mix in a few lightning kicks after the spiining bird kick. This will get him into the corner, pressure & chip him away. Gill is a sucker for this, then when u have some bar, crouching MK, Houyoukusen, SuperJump Cancel, HP x2. I just got it for PS2 and I’ve beaten it with Chun-Li, Ken, Twelve, Necro, Sean & Alex.

repeat this with shotos

Uoh meaty/late-meaty in him wait and SHORYUKEN (lp) and repeat …

that was dumb

never duck he’ll knee drop yo ass!!!

Just get used to parrying fireballs and knee drops. If your jumping into him, parry his double elbow knock up, or his two hit charge. If you wanna be daring, after knocking Gill down, parry downward as soon as he stands. Sometimes you’ll duck a charge, sometimes you’ll get thrown, sometimes you’ll parry something and open him up for a combo or seven.

If you really want to be cheap, use Ryu. Anytime he is getting up from a knockdown, d+mk into a wk hurricane kick, then neutral throw as soon as you’re down from the hurricane kick.

Hah, here’s one that never fails, (Necro) meaty b+mk/b+mp, spinning hook, electric snake. For some reason if you combo into the electric snake standing up, not any low hits, the computer, even if blocking, will always get hit… odd…

Ya, the CPU wasn’t tested much it seems, but when is it ever.? Stuff like Ibuki’s :lp: :mp: :hp: xx :lp:SA3 will always get them unless the CPU started with low blocking. Hell, I once did nearly a whole round of :lk: LoV with Remy on Gill and I didn’t get touched once, nor did Gill come for me :clap:

Electric Snake is excellent against Gill.

Scrubby/newbie no doubt but

Er, on 4 stars, I Aegis’d him in the corner and that seemed to pretty much lock him down. On first try o.O And yeah, when parrying, do remember that most of his stuff is 2+ hits.

Any Alex/Hugo tips on how to beat him?

one word… turtle

I have serious trouble against Gill using Elena. Just getting close to him is a pain.

For alex, I beat him with that stomping attack. For some reason, Gill would get hit by it.

I forgot how I beat it with hugo…but it was relativly easy for me…(although he killed me with that seraph wing super while i was jump kicking him.)

After a knockdown, jump in deep and parry his elbow (2 parries). You should be able to do a nice combo after that. =]

With Dudley, you can just use that special counter move. Gill will be stupid and hit you. Just be in moderate range so that he doesn’t use his low attacks.

As for anyone else, I pretty much relied on deep jump-ins that comboed into a super. The people that had good crossovers made it easier: Ken, Ibuki, Elena.

All shotos- jump in roundhouse, followed by sweep. shrug Scrub his ass!

I still think Yun has the greatest cheap.

Get Gill into the corner. Knock him down. Dash back & space yourself around fierce lunge punch distance. Then meaty lunge punch as he’s waking up. If you do it right, Gill just won’t block. Repeat until dead, or bored.