Beating Hugo

Just to be on the safe side what are some stuff I should keep in mind when challenging Hugo players? I tend to spam Projectiles (LP and MP) and mix-up with pokes.

yep thats the matchup in a nutshell. your entire goal is to not get hit by a c.MK, as long as you don’t do that, who cares if you get hit by an MP, because thats pretty much his only option besides jump.

generally i find it good to go offensive for headbutts, and then once they are used to that just throw.

Heh I see, thanks for the help mate.

I find this matchup pretty hard because Hugo has better priority on pokes than Urien does. I cannot spam low MK or standing MP because his low MP or low MK will beat it. I think the standing HP isn’t that good either against Hugo; I forgot what poke of his can beat it. On ground, only the low HK is safe. So I usually mix it up with low HK, and jumping HK.

Learn the midscreen unblockable on Hugo. I don’t remember exactly what it was. Something like low HP, medium crush->medium aegis, MK kneedrop, HK crush under, dash dash dash. I don’t have a PS2 with me so I can’t test it.

Don’t get cornered by Hugo. It’s very hard to get out or jump out. Dash throw into the corner is a good option and pray he doesn’t tech. Kneedropping out is not an option.

When cornering him, I like to use the spank room on him (aegis right in front but not touching). Hugo is so big so he doesn’t have any options of jumping out. I mix with jump HK, low HK, standing jab fake, overhead fierce, empty jump low MK.

hugos pokes dont really do that much, and the primary thing you need to focus on is hugo has to get in on you to do damage. if you trade pokes all day, urien WILL win, or the hugo player’s game has to be levels above yours.

remember that you can down parry all but one of his best pokes (c.MP, c.MK, c.LK), the only other decent long range attack his has is pattycake. just because hes pokes are nlonger range doesnt really mean much, if you fish for moves, you can counterpoke back because uriens normals are all faster than hugos.

midscreen unblock is generally pointless. you’re simply better off never being in that situation. also, the ONLY threat he has on your wakeup is handslap, because jump back HK will put you in a good position unless you are cornered.

also, j.HK straight up RAPES hugo. like, there’s almost no contest, if you do the chun-li timing vs him, there is absoltuely NOTHING hugo can do, at all, even if yo ufuck it up a little.

like, the absolute biggest thing in this matchup is: even if urien has a life trade with hugo, if hugo is anywhere near the combo, urien immediately will gain an advantage once he has some meter, and likely 25% to 40% of hugos life gone, hugo has to deliberately go out of his way and through zoning and mixups to even get that kind of damage on urien.

henaki knows his shit.

also to clarify: the chun-li j.HK is basically a max range, latest possible timing j.HK, if done like this chun-li cant punish it with a parry, there are ways around it for her, but not hugo (sans being psychic).

Just so you guys know, I don’t use SA III when playing as Urien :stuck_out_tongue:
…but thanks for the additional info guys.

Just stay away, no on likes eating SPDs and Gigas all day. I advise you use, st.forward, st.fierce is very useful, cr.forward a lot, even though hugo isn’t very footsie orientated, chances are you’ll beat some of his stuff, or trade. Don’t just blatantly stick out random pokes, just cause you know you’ll win most of the time. Like henaki said, Hugo has to get close to do some shit, dash ins, jump in, and the belly flop(cr.fierce) is very annoying. I advise to build meter from far and use st.fierce when hugo uses his st.strong(the one where he does an open hand slap)

Anti-air spheres are useful to some extent, just please don’t dash in after he parries one on the way down, you will and I mean will eat one of his jumping moves and then permissibly get Gigased or SPDed after. I know the match up very well. Ex headbutt is very useful I find. Main thing to focus on is stay away from Hugo but don’t be a coward either. Trying to fight Hugo up close for a long period of time isn’t a good idea, which sounds kind of ironic. You wanna use your jump in roundhouse to give you some good openings, along with the occasional AA fireball and footsies too

This match up very boring.

Keep away all day.


Casuals vs my friend. He is a good Hugo player so I hope you can gain some sort of insight to this matchup from this vid, and maybe pick up on a thing or two :tup:

I think it’s better to learn from japanese players or top tier U.S. players than a 17 year old kid in Ireland who only plays online…Sorry, someone had to say it…

i can see where you coming from but ramza really knows his shit. his execution is almost flawless and he knows the character inside out. and if im not mistaken he goes to the events in europe. at least his contributing somethin. by watching that video i can tell he lacks some experience at high level

but if we played on a cab, id spank em =)

I lack experience of offline play but the only way to play for me is online, since there is no scene where I live. I’ll be attending all the major UK events from now on and also I plan to live in England in the next few years, so I will have access to a stable scene. I don’t lack experience of high level, I lack experience of offline. Online is all I have for now

At the end of the day, I know my shit and my execution is very good. Implementing that offline and getting some offline high level experience is all that’s left for me. I’m a good player regardless.

No offense oDaS, but if we played offline, I doubt you’d win


lol, im sure you would

but seriously i havent really seen any high level play online. maybe im not watching or playing the right people. it just seems impossible with the delay and the random lag. also it eats commands

Maybe, but there are some good players online

mp.fireball :nunchuck::nunchuck::nunchuck:


here is a old vid of way I handle it. I prefer the Yun mentality, give momentum, then take it away. Hugo’s game revolves around close contact, so poke the shit out of him from far away, the minute he starts expecting that, hes gonna be guess parrying any probable pokes, (This I feel harms his game terribly) you gotta change your rhythm. This match is stupid easy if you know when to time a good fwdstrong.

Also mp fireball isn’t to bad far ass way, but close you’re asking for him to cMK your greek ass.

Also keep in mind that Urien has a extremely easy corner unblockable on Hugo, which you should be using when necessary. Pokes I like are, far sMK, sSTRONG will beat some of his pokes without trade, a good stuff sFP, knowing when NOT to jump or stand still to long. I’d personally rather eat some pokes then have him dash in 360 or gigas.

Remember that sSTONG is your universal answer to most dash ins.

Just to be a dick, when he jumps in empty, I like to be pre-buffering a charge, I follow with a standing sSTRONG right into a EX Headbutt, a lot of people will parry that first hit and look for that gigas set up, and if your opponent adapts to that ex, you can always mix it up, sometimes a sSTRONG into a wp headbutt is a good answer when he expects ex, cause if he parry’s, you’ll be grounded safely before he can get a action, which means you can jump again when he whiffs something and set up misery. One thing I love doing is jRH, sWP, sSTRONG I partition between these to get a ex headbutt ex headbutt, tackle, aegis > misery.

Your goal here is to suffocate your opponent with so many things that are tough on his execution, this match is a real bitch for Hugo.

i dont think that video is a very good example of how to fight hugo at all

you didnt zone enough. fireballs and long pokes, to stay out of the range and build meter. what it looks like here is a guy you play all the time and you pretty much know what hes gonna do, as in not 360ing when you get close, not properly fishing for knockdowns with etc.
so you just hug him the whole time and do random damage. try that against a for real hugo player and see if it flys. (Heads up: it wont)

urien vs hugo? so easy!