Beating justin

is he really that good? isn’t there anyone who defeated him like 5 straight games or more? is he that good that he is really unbeatable?

Well, he’s been the champ for 3yrs now, so i guess he’s unbeatable. But personally, i don’t think he’s that good. Most of the wins he got from tournys is because he’s lucky, because his opponent is either shaking or just plain out stupid(i’ve seen good players do stupid shit against J-Wong when J-wong’s opponent is winning). The rest of the wins he got is because he’s good.

your garbage…good players wouldn’t ever say something as idiotic as that. justin wong lucky? if he is that damn lucky he should play the lotto in GA. he woulda won 247 million the other day.



  1. u contradicted yourself. “he’s been the champ” and “he’s not good” make no sense back to back

  2. if he was lucky, his name would be potter

  3. the reason why people do stupid shit against him, is because he forces it on you. he limits your options as you play. i played him… he left my storm to do whatever she wanted… but he had a cover for everything that was good… so my only chance was to try to hopefully do a LAxxLS while grounded, and reset from there.

  4. you contradict yourself again, by saying that “he’s not good”, and then at the end, saying “he’s good”

you’re a nobody, now stfu

Now I could understand 1 or 2 matches by luck but hundreds!!!:eek:

1 or 2… like the cable ocv comeback vs X… top tier

Sigh*, you ppl are not allow to talk plz. You’re nowhere near my level. If any of you want to prove, drive down to York, in Hanover, then meet me at the Hanover Mall. Until then, plz, shhh.

Nobody has to justify anything to you…anybody that is good can tell by your previous posts your garbage, but me personally, i was respectful and was like ahh, just another s&t scrub, don’t say nothing…but justin wong lucky…man…nah…ur garbage…and on the same note; “if you wanna see how good i am drive to atlanta if u wanna prove it…” idiot…like somebody is gun drive that far…to play some garbage

ok ok ok. I need to get the EVO movie. If you say hes this good then I gotta see it. But im sure he was defeated a few times.

as far as i know, he lost like 3 rounds the entire time at evo… which isn’t alot, considering how much you have to play… i’ve seen him defeated once in real life (during a real match, not his random cammy/cyclops/doom team) and X beat him that one time

we have nothing to prove to scrubs. scrubs have shit to prove to us. if you want to “prove” yourself, then either go to atl and face fifty, or come down to NY, and we’ll see what you can do at chinatown fair… not to mention, we’ll see how few “stupid” things YOU do when you play justin wong. until you prove yourself to this site, and the rest of the marvel vs capcom 2 community, you have no right to say anything about how much people suck. i know that i suck, but i’ll tell you what. from the stupidity and ignorance in your posts, i’ll tell you that i’ll rape you right now. what’s your team by the way?



I’m sure somebody on SRK lives near Hanover. If so, come and play me. Bring a cam, so you could put it on SRK. :slight_smile:
I know J-Wong is good, but he’s not unbeatable. It’s just that when someone plays him, they get nervous at the end of the match and become remiss. Take J-Wong vs Exe for example(Cable with 2pixels) . I’m not saying Exe is dumb, i think he was really nervous at that point, didn’ t know what to do. I also have other examples, but J-wong vs exe is the most funniest match i’ve ever seen. I’ve seen Exe played before, same with Demon Hoy, Josh Wong, and Julius Robinson. Prett much all the ppl in Philly. All i can say is that they’re average at skill levels. As i said before. If anyone lives near Hanover or in Hanover, then come and play me. I need to get better… :slight_smile:

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

cuz im rick james, BITCH!

wait… first, it’s not exe, it’s X… there’s no ‘e’ in the front of Xecutioner. second, who is julius robinson? i’ve heard of julius jackson and godly warmachine. and i hope u don’t mean that julius, wong, demon, and x are “average” skill level, because they’re top tier, not average. i’m average, or slightly below.

2 more things. it’s not MCP, it’s team old soo, and it’s not team matrix, it’s either team last year, or team omnipotence

Why would his close friend be nervous playing him? If you watched that match as much as I did you’d certainly notice all the precise moves Justin with Cable that limited X’s options.:o

Don’t take this post or the previous post as a flame, but Justin Wong’s reputation was built on his skill and not the other way around. You have to fight tons of people at a tournament so inevitably even if it was all luck he’d be taken down… permanently.

People don’t luckily get 100+ wins in a row either.:slight_smile:

damn that…:lol: X shoulda won that shit, all he had to do is let his hailstorm keep going, that woulda chipped, but i mean he tried to iono what and DHC’ed to cyke…but i mean i think A LOT of folks would have won in that situation.

anyways…the reason why he makes good players look like they are playing stupid is because HE BLOCKS EVERYTHING. THAT is why he is good. He blocks better than anybody playing MvC2. Jwong might arguably have the best EVERYTHING, cable, storm, mag and sentinel, why? because they are all SAFE. So far, the only person I really think can beat him is Rowtron (ricky and mixup would have a chance, and i even think wk can if he is still playing marvel, and please don’t critisize if you have never seen wk play other than evo). anyways…thas my story and im stickin to it

omfg clearly this wanderer fool never played justin…i have played justin numerous times and the nigga blocks everything u throw at him…people consider me to have a very good rushdown so wong blockin every rushdown pattern i threw at him had me dazed… i mean once i hit him i cuaght some resets on him…but landing a hit is so fuckin hard…his sentinel is so smart…his cable is ridiculous, and his mag is nasty too
I asked him how come he blcoks so good and he sed he got hit in the head too much by magnus lol funny guy…but yea wongs adapts real quick too so it’ll be hard to beat him in the grand finals of a tourney

But yea wanderer lol i wish i could go to wherever youre from and play you…then u can shut ya smart ass up:rolleyes:

1 word… OWNED

No offense man I’m kinda skeptical about this statement:p. Justin owned Ricky in the tournament and destroyed Mixup 4-1 in another recent tourney.:o

Sanford and X seem to be the best candidates since they beat him with some consistentcy.:wink:

Yeah my friend went to NY 2 years ago (recognized his face from back when it was running) and played Justin Wong and he said he got owned but couldn’t explain how.

He said usually when you get beaten badly it is because you made a big mistake or a srcub but he didn’t do anything too stupid but lost. It’s kinda hard to explain.

All I got to say is STSFN


like i said; its just personal opinion, really everybody is wrong if wong owned somebody in a tournament before…you could say mixup came the closest to beating wong in a major tournament…just personal opinion, and the reason i said ricky is because i thought they played a whole lot together and ricky was runner up. i dunno; but man…iono; if WK has stayed playing mvc2 i think WK could do something…but again, wong could make me eat my words. but WK used to be the TRUTH, shit, even wong said he might win evolution in a conversation like two years ago