Beating mass jump-ins/cross-ups

I’m talking about for people who don’t have a fireball or a DP.
What the hell are you supposed to do? I ended up losing to some random scrub who mass splashed with 'Gief/Birdie and mass jumped with Bison today. Pissed me off. I was using V-Sodom if it makes a difference.

Well the best way, is to use someone who has the counter to the “mass splashing” and “mass jumping”. And what was his s/n?

And/or you can read some Sodom FAQs.

this is why kaillera is gay. normally for sodom you can cr.FP for AA’s at worse you trade hits. this almost never happens online and you’ll alomst always get stuffed by splashes.

cr.FP is usually you best bet, i think you ping is lower than mine so it should work, for me it was always a no-no :sad:. otherwise…

To beat the splashes, while they’re in the air, back up and hit 'em with a b.FP. nice range and it spaced correct, you’ll hit them and they can’t get to you. gief in particular.

To beat the jumpers, strong scrape is you best bet, catch em just as the leave the ground. kind of like how you would hit someone with Sim’s far FK. once the the get in that area strong scrape away. b.FP works too but not as well. You can also counter jump attack em, with j.fp, j.rh or PP airthrow. PP airthrow owns all those jump happy chun’s you see online. as soon as the leave the ground do the same and throw that bitch down.

Also if you have meter as they’re about to hit you, VC1 activate to bypass their attack, fierce scrape, whiff jab, s.rh, whiff qcf+jab, etc.

But yeah gief splash and jumpers are why some folks don’t use V-sodom online and use A-Sodom instead. his lv1 scrape super > almost all jump attacks.

Strong scrape only tends to work if I do it really early.
'Gief is the worst offender. I can’t even anti-air VC because his splash stuffs it clean.
Back FP has been my best friend so far, and it hits a crouching 'Gief, so there aren’t as many sweep shennigans.

This is why Sodom has the reverse roll. To roll away when he’s knocked down.

For the most part, you can block… then deal with the ground attack. If they jump again, you should be able to deal with it? You could try chicken blocking, then super/roll or something.

The reversal is a good idea, although it tends to get me into trouble, so I try to use it sparingly.
You say to counter their ground attack, but I find that other people’s normals always either come out first or stuff mine. Either that, or they tick a couple times and push me out of range to counter.

yeah, b+fp is your friend but sometimes you just gotta go with A-sodom, rush-sodom, or say fuck it and pick Sim.

I keep reading that Sodom has a wake-up tengu walk with :qcf::k:, but I can’t do it for the life of me. Was this for SFZ3 Upper only? I just found out about his little backwards roll too.

Also, I’ve got a new problem. Mass jaguar kick/wall kicks from Adon players. I think my problem with Sodom in general is punishing stuff. With most people I can just stick out a DP or a few c. LK’s or something, but all of Sodom’s pokes are too slow or have weird angles, so people end up getting away with move/sweep spamming on me.

Having some trouble with mass bull horn/charge horn Birdies too for the same reason. Nothing I had seemed fast enough to punish a missed one. I tried using c. FP but I got thrown out of it.

You saw it when we played Rock. When you were pressuring me, I just kind of blocked until I got guard crushed, because I couldn’t get anything out. It’s not even a matter of delay, I just don’t know what to do with him in these situations. Watching match videos doesn’t really help, because there aren’t exactly a lot of move/jump spammers in most tournaments.

Online is indeed silly. Splash FTW

If you’re using Sodom and your opponent jumps in a little shallow (ie: not right on top of you) use standing fierce on them as soon as they land (the one where he strikes downwards) and walk back a bit. If they jump shallow again, let them land, repeat. Middlekick taught me this strat; it’s really useful cos it does a hell of a lot of guard damage.

yeah i saw it hehe. i dunno how to “get away” but eventually there is usually a gap between attacks sometimes you just have to be patient and wait out for it. then slide or, whatever.

the normal tengu is qcb+k as you are falling, the faster wake up one you are talking about i’ve never been able to do on purpose, everytime i’ve done it was by accident :looney: maybe someone else can explain.

lastly yeah those srcubby wall kick * infinity X-adons can be annoying but you have the advantage in knowing where they will land. when they bounce off the wall, jump straight up the adon’s wall kick will home in to where you were on the ground, but alas you aint there anymore :wgrin:.

on you way down j.FP, s.forward XX 360+FK while they are in recovery. after you take 1/3 of their life a couple times they usually think twice about spamming random wall kicks. of course sometimes they try and mix it up, changing the wall kick distance, but it doesn’t work to well and you’ll pretty much know when the real homing one is coming.

and try not to reverse/counter it if you block the wall kick, as most adons try to follow up with a dp+k attack (rising jaguar?) attack them while they are in recovery.

Jump straight up hk.

Jump throw them… If you can tell me how to attach a photo… I will attach the jump throw data and pic from the “All about STFA 3” strategy guide from
japan. SO you can see the throw box.

If they are doing the attack early in their jump to beat your jump, block high and throw when they land (they’ll be stuck in land animation).

Active VC and punish.

That sort of solves the wall kick problem, but only if I’m towards my end of the screen. Any advice for punishing missed jaguar kicks? Someone managed to trap me in the corner with c. LP > LK Jaguar kick over and over again. I couldn’t get anything out. Should I have tried to jab him out or something?

Also, I noticed that players like Crash, Chikuu, etc, always use :l::mp: to start their VC’s. Does it have more priority or hit faster than :mp: or something?

I know you primarily use Sodom so my advice is pretty fruitless. But even with considerable experience online I can’t always get rid of these scrubby people. I think this thread is a pretty good idea to learn character matchup priority issues.

I can tell you though…that with the chun-li jumping short spammin’ stupidity…

Using Chun-Li (Mirror match): Walk under the chun completely then c. rh or jump straight up with a strong because it hits her near or in the crotch.

Using Sakura…I jump straight up with strong…again…knocking her near or in her crotch

Standing jabs with sakura or chun often trade hits with that little nasty.

Again…no idea why i’m posting this…just thought it might be somewhat useful? For someone anyway.

If anyone wants to correct me or elaborate for me…go right ahead.

Here’s a tip. Get better and don’t call people who whore tactics scrubs. You’re the scrub for getting owned by it.


Take that smilie and shove it up your ass.

Chicken FTW – especially against Gief. Abuse your airblock.

nah, it’s serving it’s purpose right where it’s at. :lol:

[quote=“R o c k L e e, post:3, topic:17972”]

this is why kaillera is gay. normally for sodom you can cr.FP for AA’s at worse you trade hits. this almost never happens online and you’ll alomst always get stuffed by splashes.

el-bastardo kaillera, I got perfected becaus i lagged when i tried to jump over geif’s spalshes, i was using honda’s ass-splash move lol. It works in rl

Yes, Kaillera is gay.

Anyway, Tengu Walking is a reversal-only move. You can do it when you get up or after being hit IIRC, but you can also do it when you hit/block something in the air, before you touch the ground.

As a general statement, you can air throw people if you know a jump is coming, since air throws are universal in A3. Not all air throws are equal, however- Birdie’s air throw will only grab people below him, and Vega’s PP throw will only grab people way above him IIRC (though is KK air throw is good), but it works. Sodom, Rose, and Rolento have a bit more startup time on their air throws than most other characters, so you have to do it a little earlier.