Beating runaway / turtlers

Ok, this is going to be a very scrubby question…

but what kind of strategies do you use against people that run away?

example, this kid i’ve been playing in various fighting games…

he runs… now, in MvC2, i have no problem fighting him, nor in vampire savior or super turbo… in capcom vs snk2, soulcalibur 2/3, and tekken 5, four games which i’m not exactly fluent in at all, he just runs, and there seems very little i can do against him… especially in tekken 5… the kid can’t do a two hit juggle, yet he gets me 3 to 1 in tekken… we went to 50 matches today, and it was 38 / 12 him… here i am, knowing a decent amount of combos for the three cahracters i use, steve, lee, and feng… and i can’t even touch this dude that doesn’t do anything but block and attack

In T5 you can only run away so fast/far before you have to get out of a corner if you play walled stages. If his defense is really good you’ll have to figure out how to frame trap him constantly. Really work in those 50-50 mixups. When you do hit him, make it fucking hurt. Work on your defense too, if he’s just poking you and getting hits, you’re gonna get frustrated, it’s natural. Who does he use?

ANd I suggest to work up your D, get with Blood Red, nigga is SOLID.

he uses asuka primarily… and just random other characters that he’ll just block / poke with… asuka’s a bigger pain in the ass cuz when i do go in, i get reversed… and that’s fucking GAY…

once i get a good sidestep in with steve, i rock house, but i hate depending on that… it’s so fucking retarded that i have to resort to it… cuz then i become no better than the morons that play mvc2 and i bitch that they only rely on AHVB… same fucking difference and it’s gay

make dirty comments towards his mother, and make him go after you. :bgrin:

i’m not really a T5 player, so i’m not sure what you would do in that situation. but as Saotome said, just get him in the corner and try to keep 'em in there. if they’re running away/turtling, chances are that they’re either scared of you, or trying to get you frustrated. once you push them towards the wall, there will be nowhere else to go, so punish with all your might. remember to stay calm, and try to figure out patterns that your opponent is doing.

one thing that i’m having a problem with is successfully countering in tekken 5… i used to backdash in tekken tag and it got me by… i can’t do that here, and i see now what made tekken tag so weak in some players eyes. backdash was wayyy too abusable IMO… backdash pokes with kazuya and juggle… so easy to fend off scrubs… now i feel like i’m becoming the scrub.

If he uses counter chars, you have tree chars that have pretty solid poke/throw mixups, just use those doublebreak throws for all of them and oki his ass to death. Basically understand when he’s gonna mash for a reversal(they usually do it mid jab-string in my experience, your milage may vary), and throw the fuck out of him. throws > reversals every day of the week. And when he starts trying to duck your throws because he’s a turtling fuck, all three of your chars have disgusting mids that lead to at LEAST the damage that would’ve been done had he just taken the throw like a man.

And BDC(backdash cancel, bb~db/ss, repeat) is only really usefull for opening up that space to force whiffs, and isn’t as stupid as BDC was in TTT.

If he’s just standing and blocking, throw his ass. He can’t break all grabs. Feng also has ss+4 which is a hella good low. With feng attack with d/f+1, d/f+22, b/f+1, and just randomly mash b+1. That shit should work since the guy sounds like a total fucking scrub. With steve, 121 that shit all day. Try 121~b flck to build pressure, and space with b+1. With lee use fc d/f+4, d+3, and throw to get the guy to duck. Once he starts ducking, use lee’s lovely plethora of mids to rapereapreaprparpe his ass. I hope I helped.

Play the clock against him.

Go in do your hits and if you’re ahead in life it’s time to back the fuck off. Chances are, since he’s a major turtle, he won’t be able to switch to an effective offensize play style before the clock runs out.

As for reversals, throw that shit.

Who does he use in CvS2 and who do you play?

he uses ryu and whoever… i use dhalsim sagat r2 cammy K groove… thing is, i know how to play and do combos and shit… i can RC… but i can’t safely rush… i never learned that cuz i put all of a month into learning cvs2 back about 3 or 4 years ago now… and now that i have competition to play with, it’s pissing me off that i keep losing to very scrubtastic strategies… i feel like i’m helpless in these games, although i get ocvs and perfects every round in mvc2… he can’t even touch my cable or blackheart, which is sad since i’m a magneto and sentinel player…

jpchato: i’ll give those feng strats a try… thing is that i was trying to get him in the corner, and for most characters that’s not that bad… but with asuka, he’s good at timing reversals… same way he’s suprisingly psychic in terms of getting guard impacts in soulcalibur 2…

what is this though
fc d/f+4, d+3

fc d/f+4 means fullcrouch downforward+circle

d+3 is down+x

it’s not a chain, they’re just low pokes

Lee’s slide is pretty sexy too fc d/f,d,d/f+3 it gives a guranteed ws+3

edit: try to use lee’s blazing kick d,d/b+4 too crush highs, it has hella range but is easily ssable so be careful

ite good shit… thx

do what I do, run away and lure them to you. I have a friend who turtles CONTSTANTLY with chun in 3s. run away and make him chase you, not vice versa

This solved my turtle problems in the past. Those Nina chain grabs hurt.

safely inch your way onto him and stay on his ass when you do get in.

I’m interested in playing you in CvS2 now. I can almost say that we’re pretty equal in the game. I can’t safely rush either but I can poke like a motherfucker. R2 Vega ftw. =D

try throwing him so he can stop turtling. if you have him by the wall, start mixing up your shit. i know its not as easy as it sounds. also just try to calm down and concentrate on the person. frustration will only make you go beserk and lose:lol:

using kazuya’s dp, df+rk attack and combo after that… easy wins on that shit… still gotta get a good win with lee though…

lol does he know how to block turd kicks? (D+rk,rk,rk,rk) If not, spam that shit.
when he starts blocking low knee that slut in the face

that’s a good idea

How old is he?