Beating Sagat

How do u beat a, N-Groove Sagat player that crouching HP’s and Rolls all day? Can anyone give me any stratz? My team is A-Cammy, Iori (R2), and Geese.

When he rolls you get a free hit basically. if you got meter, then activate. If he whiffs like a standing fierce while you’re crouching, react to it, and activate and start custom. Play footsies with him, i know it’s hard against sagat, but if all he’s doing is C.fierce then just find the right footing.

I know mentality is an issue as well, because a lot of people (including me at times) get really overwhelmed by sagat. Just stay focused and do what you gotta do.

Here’s a tip. don’t use ‘Z’ instead of ‘S’

See if you can discern any patterns with Sagat.

C.hp leaves sagat at +2 or something and starts up in something like 7 frames. That should tell you something - You can’t really do much if you take a blocked c.hp and Sagat just sits there and blocks. Does he always follow up a blocked c.hp with another c.hp? Asa result, are you getting counter-hit because you’re trying to hit him out of c.hp with a normal move and getting stuffed? If this is happening, DP him in between fierces instead with Iori or Cammy. Use alpha counter if you need to.

It gets harder if Sagat is randomizing his timing on his fierces or is looking for your dp to retaliate.

Learn the range of c.fp so you can learn what is the safe range for cammy to jiggle and hit s.rh/s.fp. You’ll also learn your defensive zoning range for Iori and know when you’re in trouble or when Sagat is getting into an unsafe range. Iori’s s.rh is good vs. Sagat’s c.fp, but you have to be quicker on the draw with Iori. that means if you stick it out first, he’ll either get stuffed/trade, but if you see Sagat going for the wind-up, do NOT hit that rh button.

It might help if you gave us more details about how Sagat is using his fierces and where are you having problems.

Alpha counter against Sagat’s fierces?

luckily he doesnt know that s.fierce hits geese when hes crouching

you beat him by not listening to dentgay