Beating the CPU

i’m not really terrible at this game, but goddamn i can’t beat the game without continuing at all. it’s frustrating as hell.

does anyone have any tips for beating the AI? i know i won’t get any better by doing this, but i just really hate the cpu and i want to bash its face in. :annoy: can’t even beat the Japan AI, which is supposedly a lot easier.

i play sim/chun/rog/ryu btw.

there are patterens for beating most characers (theres a video detailing them somewhere) but I’d say just don’t take huge risks. Often throwing fireballs at a certain range will lose you the whole match because they’ll jump in 1 frame after you input the move and you’ll get combo’d for 200% the normal damage. Forcing a jump while having a stored super is a something that works really well (with chun). Use pokes and never try to tap throw unless your gief or hawk.

-On the one hand: I was once told by a reeeeeally good player that the computer was not supposed to be beaten and, I quote, “I can’t even get past the first guy usually. The computer was not really meant to be played. Most good players never play it because it’s designed to never lose.” And even if that’s an exaggeration, the computer literally CHEATS (NKI and others give many examples of this in the “ST in the house” thread iirc). So it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

-And on the other hand: In zass’s old articles about “The best guile player in Japan” (great reads, especially if you use rog), he refers a couple times to both Kurahashi and himself beating the computer with a casualness suggesting it’s no more difficult than eating top ramen soup.

ramen is cheap, though

I’ve seen a friend walk through the US arcade version with gief. When I pointed out that it was stupidly difficult and no one should be able to do it he just said it wasn’t that hard. He also said that it taught him never to make mistakes. Oh yeah and he’s a very, very good tournament player, just incase you think he’s simply learned how to play the CPU.

It’s very beatable, with chun I can often get to claw/sagat before it all starts to go wrong. You just have to understand that you will be cheated and that you can’t make any mistakes, Especially after 4 or 5 characters, at which point the damage scaling seems to become even more ridiculus.

Oh yeah and you can get away with random head stomps most of the time with chun.

I see what you did there.

But really I never play the CPU for it giving me a headache.

I never play the CPU. Every time I do, I notice a significant drop is my vs. play the next time I play humans. :slight_smile: Playing the ST CPU teaches you absolutely nothing. I’ve said it before, and I stick by those words. Playing training mode for hours on end is more useful, if only to build muscle memory and to help you pratice distancing. Playing the CPU teaches you to recognize unrealistic patterns and teaches you how to twitch react to things the CPU trains you to twitch react to, which will never help on humans. If you want to find a way to train yourself against human opponents, go find human opponents. If you can’t find any human opponents, then I would seriously recommend playing the CPU on middle difficulty or something. Don’t even bother with the hardest difficulty, because by then, you’re just pulling your hair out for no benefit.

woah this is great to hear! i thought there was something seriously wrong with me since it was soo hard to beat the cpu in ST. im a 3s player, so i would occasionally play ST on the anniversary collection, and raping the cpu in 3s is usually easy, although it might fuck up your vs. game at some point. its good to here the cpu is broken in ST, i think im gonna start playing ST seriously now!

The CPU on hardest difficulty appears weak to wakeup moves and anti-airs, particularly characters such as T-Hawk and Chun Li. Guile’s or Vega’s flash kicks are great to have for this, a wakeup Shoryuken also works wonders. The computer’s weak against air attacks after they’ve fallen down, as well. So, as Vega, for instance, you can usually Barcelona Attack them with impunity as they wakeup. They will offer the occasional counter, but the computer isn’t actually programmed to learn from its mistakes, so it will invariably fall into the same pattern. As Dhalsim, you can poke Gief (and others) from afar, and he will simply walk into it all match long until you get the win. I agree, though, jchensor, every time I’m good against A.I. for a long stretch of time, my online vs. skills go the way of the buffalo temporarily. Best to avoid it altogether.

P.S. Nice Immortal avatar, leaveal. \m/

Hail Abbath! -|-

someone actually neg-repped me for this, saying “immortal sucks”. ROFL

as i’ve stated in the first post, i know playing against the CPU won’t make me any better, but right now i just want to beat the CPU. it’s the same feeling as wanting to beat some really hard game, like the original Megaman.

anyway, i noticed wakeup DPs do hit the CPU a lot of the time. thanks for pointing that out.

as shotos, i’ve found jumping back and hitting roundhouse as you’re landing works vs gief. just do it over and over. it’ll work even at the corner. Sim can do this too, except he uses short or forward. haven’t tried with other characters.