Beating those SRK/ultra mashers

anyone in here ever play those people either online or in person where you know they are bad and you can tell they just mash out SRK 3/4 of the time? well i come across those people quite a bit and they give me problems.

i play at a decent level, but when i come across those people who mash out SRK, do random ultras and jump around like an idiot they honestly give me trouble. its sucks when you know that there is know way they should beat you but they some how manage to sometimes.

how do you play against randoms?

i searched around and couldnt really find anything on here so sorry if this has already been posted.

I mash Akuma’s teleport 100% of the time. True story.

if you can’t beat them, you are worse than they are, practice more.

welp. i guess im maining akuma now.

If you are unable to hold downback on an opponents wakeup plus can’t antair someone who is jumping around like an idiot, you do NOT play at a decent level.

true. since we play each other all the time you would know… oh wait…

either give some decent advice on not getting caught by random SRKs or dont post anything. i dont lose %100 of the time to them.

This has definitely been brought up many times, but to save you some time reading through posts…

If you can analyze that all they do is mash our SRKS, random ultras, and jumping around, then all you need to do is come up with a counter-strategy. And that strategy is just patience, let them make their mistakes, and punish accordingly. If you notice that all they do is mash SRKs whenever they’re blocking, or always on wake-up, just let them do it, and hit them with your most punishing combo. The ones with half a brain will usually stop mashing as hard, and the TRULY stupid ones will just keep on doing it until you win. Random ultras? Same strategy. Most noobs do random ultras on wake-up, so keep in mind. Remember that whenever they waste an ultra, the game is suddenly in your favor, since they lose a very valuable tool that allows them to start a comeback. If they jump around like idiots, then you should definitely learn your character’s anti-airs…every character has at least a few reliable ones. When they jump, anti-air with either a DP-type move, or a regular normal. If you can’t do that on reaction, then you’re going to need to practice it until you can.

Don’t ever believe that there’s “no way they should beat”, because the fact is, they ARE beating you. It’s up to you to come up with a counter-strategy to beat THEM. It doesn’t matter if they’re mashing, or abusing cheap moves, or just out-playing you.

yeah, as an adon player i tend to rely a lot on rushdown and frame traps. being patient with Adon is something i dont do well. patients in general is something i lack which is why i am not really good with zoning. i lack the ability to keep people locked down with fireballs. not to mention, Adons anti airs miss most of the time

Don’t be snippy, if you’re losing to random mashing you’ve got major weaknesses in your play and you’re by definition not playing well. If you are losing people who “mash SRK 3/4 of the time”, then you’re playing very badly, because that’s an extremely poor strategy. A major goal of offense is to make your opponent play recklessly, if you can’t capitalize on an opponent who plays recklessly right out of the gate, you need to look at your fundamentals.

Also, no one can give you specifics since you didn’t even mention what character you play.

Don’t play online.

i guess i get into this mindset of “there is no way they will do it again”. then they do it again… i tend to play a lot lazier online than i do in person.

i figured the giant picture of Adon to the left would have been a slight indication.

another thing: maybe they aren’t as bad as you think, if their “mashing” keeps beating you, and their “random” jumps keep hitting you, maybe these srk’s are not so mashed, and those jumpins not so random, maybe they are just seeing and exploiting your weaknesses.

either way the problem is with you: they are so bad that they are beating you with bad technique, they are so good they are beating you with good technique. either way, you need to practice more, and think about why you keep getting hit. don’t blame them, blame yourself, and work on fixing your problems.

I too had issues with this when I first started playing a few months ago. I didn’t lose to it but outcomes were somewhat random until I figured out a simple counter.

I play Balrog and all that I do is hold downback and punish. I make no attempt to attack because it isn’t even necessary, they won’t have the skill to deal with counters of any kind. Applying pressure requires doing something other than DP, so they are completely out of their element on offense.

Block more. Then punish the shit out of those blocked and whiffed dp’s and ultras. Then taunt like hell

shame you gotta do it bu tyou have to adjust your playstyle when you run into players like that. dont let em beat you lol

I assume you’re playing Adon. Just do a meaty crossup on their wake up.

If they’re just doing random SRK’s, stand in footsie range and punish.

If they’re jumping around all random, just stay at a range where you know you can anti air them.

Don’t bother trying to play footsies or mindgames with randoms. Just look for whatvever it is they’re mashing, wait, and punish. If you wait, they will do it.

So true.

If you cant spot mashers and beat people who just throw out random ultras, you are just as bad as them. I would even say you’re a scrub.

Fought a guy during christmas. When I would go for tick grabs, he would always crouching light punch me. I had a feeling he was mashing and he didn’t know how to tech. I could only grab him 2 times the entire fight and that was at the end. I watched the replays and checked his inputs. The guy was using turbo everytime I got close and for his srk’s. I couldn’t believe he had over 3000pp.

To spot mashers, slam your opponent, get close and tap light punch before they get up or attempt tick grabs. Figuring them out should be your first priority in round 1.

I also mash Bison’s teleport

Mashing offline is a bitch. I think pad players honestly have a small advantage here because I can’t hear when they’re mashing. But it’s obvious as day (or rather loud as hell) when I’m doing it. :frowning:

(but it feels pretty good when you fake people out with the no function buttons)

Nothing feels better than playing Hawk, jumping in, mashing the 720, then winning the round because your opponent jumped and you actually did an SRK>Dive

mashers are easy to win against wtf…just block and punish