Beating Vega?

It’s really annoying now. I just SUCk against vegas. Maybe it’s my team? Ken, Rock/terry, Geese R2 in K. Hes just so quick, i cant JD well aginst him either. Any tips?

Geese has a horribly hard time against a good vega. So does Ken…and Rock…oh wait, Vega is hard to fight with anyone, I forgot. Actually the key to winning is to get a knockdown on vega.

aka set the vega forum to showing all threads from the beginning, and you’ll get all the old anti-vega threads.

i have not played many decent vegas but here is what i know:

i play with Guile/Blanka/Cammy/Rolento/Sagat/many more i forgot

With a turtling Vega, fake your blanka Rolls, ie jab roll walk up throw, then do medium blanka roll after the Punch Throw then do Rcd Electricity. Vega’s Jumps are very fast so i jump backwards and do FK if he jumps in. Blanka has more priority in his moves i think so use that. again this may be bad advice because i have not played many decent vegas.