Beats by Dr. Dre + Qanba q4= echos!

So, my monster beats have a cord with a microphone for making calls and whatnot. I googled if you could use the headphones with an xbox, and it all said that you just need to get an adapter so it fits the xbox controller, then you’re good to go. My stick, however, already has the headphone sized jack inside of it, so the headphones fit right in. At this point I was thinking everything was peachy, but when I tried to talk to people in my party, they all complained that I just echoed really badly and they couldn’t hear a word I said.


Did you try other headphones? I read comments on Play-asia, and it is Qanba not the headphones.
A guy in there talks about contacting Qanba and getting support on rewiring the stick.

I’ll be honest I’d blame the headphones not that they aren’t good head phones they are just not made to work as a mic for xbox with out some type of pre amp to keep the digital game sounds and voices different btw the echo is the mic picking up game sounds and causing feed back if you look at the higher end headsets for the 360 they all use pre-amps

Looking into it, it seems as though I just need to buy a pre-amp/mix-amp. Thanks guys.

To be honest with you, I’d just buy a wireless xbox headset. The sound quality and voice quality is horrible with any mic I tried plugging into my stick. Wireless xbox headset syncs wirelessly to the xbox like a controller so you get the best sound and voice quality ever.

wow someone bought those overpriced headphones?..all jokes aside, besides the xbox wired every bluetooth /aftermarket mic ive got echos…