Beats in my head vs. We Got A Love Thang

Beats in my head (from 3rd Strike, obviously): [media=youtube]t0ODyHKqtuM[/media]

We Got A Love Thang (by Ce Ce Peniston) :[media=youtube]NJr-QvDDdZ8[/media]

Am I the only person that thinks both of these songs sound similar?


they both sound like generic house music but there are hundreds of songs that sound like that

also lol penis

it’s we are lovemaking

Butthead: Her name is…“PENIS-ton” huh huh…
Beavis: E-heh-HEH-heh-heh…

Nothing compared to the Robert Miles ripoff in Garou.

they sound nothing alike even for shitty house music

completely different drum tempos, tune changes way way way faster in garou, different instruments, only thing in common is a part of the main tune. they are similar in ways but its not even close to a ripoff.

christ you people are deaf or something

if you want some real ripoffs, listen to gg music, the game literally STEALS MUSIC. venoms theme is Breed To Breathe by Napalm Death, note for note.


“this is the true beats were making for a ride!” :cool:

damn, im suprised i never noticed that hahaha.