Beats of Battle AKA The Soundtrack Thread

I know everybody needs a place to say how fire the music is, so this would be that thread.

And you can’t open a new thread without presents, right?

Refer to BIG EDIT for new spot for Gamerip.

The 2 above files put together combine to make the complete game rip for TvC.


Shouts to Jessie over at the FFShrine Forums for ripping this in the first place.

BIG EDIT: -The Gamerip with Title Names.

wow man!!! youre my hero, thanks a lot

Ooh does it include the full version of Across the Border?

I appreciate the links so much–I enjoy a good portion of the TVC OST, reminds me of how Capcom used to be. I guess now I just need a track listing!

Thank you for linking the zips.

Thanks for the zips. Although, yes, a track listing would be nice–I’m not familiar with any of these Capcom or Tatsunoko themes, so identifying them is pretty hard.

Thanks man. It’s been 8 years since we had a good ost to listen to from one of capcom’s vs games.

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Indeed. The days of generic elevator and jazz music have ended.

Anyone digging Polymar’s and Lightan’s theme? Also loving the guitar rendition of Gatchaman no Uta and Hakushon Daimaou no Uta.

Capcom bgm for the most part=:rock:

Tatsunoko bgm side for the most part=:wasted:

Any1 know where I can get the full TvC J-Rock theme?

track “29-evo01 31”

Odd - I’m different. I dig most of the Tatsunoko music. XD

I’m not so fond of the Tatsu music. I think it’s all too simplistic. They should have filled out those themes with exciting new remixes…but they just sound so straightforward and not-fun to listen to. (Although they are extremily catchy)

There is one exception though…Karas.

I’m only sad that they didn’t choose this to be his theme: [media=youtube]Nva3jcSLTng&feature=PlayList&p=E163360690429409&index=1[/media]

Yeah, I think that’s it - you have to be familiar with the Tatsunoko openings to like them here.

I dunno what you guys are talking about. Sure there’s a couple tatsunoko characters with less-than-great bgm (I’m looking at you, hurricane polymer), but then there’s some awesome ones, including Eagle Ken’s gatchaman theme, which is probably the best song in the whole game or ever.

Heh, I thought Polymar’s was good. The ones I didn’t like are Yatterman and Doronjo (especially Doronjo - they could’ve used Tensai Doronbo, which is more upbeat and faster).

I’m loving the onimusha remix, I was hoping morrigan’s theme would have been a little less jazzy.

So does any1 have the main theme song been ripped yet?


Top Songs

Across The Border (Best opening to a Vs game ever!)
Ken’s Theme
Souki/Karas (both are too gud)
Alex (his theme always rocks)
Saki (its so simple its genius)

Isn’t Tensai more popular and well known than the one used in TVC?

It’s a shame they couldn’t get the actual lyrics for the Tatsu side . . .Polymer, Casshern, and Lightan are fucking top. . .