Beaumont/Port Arthur? Surrounding cities?


Any locals interested in starting a weekly? I know I am the only one in this area on SRK am I? We could run MK9, 3rd Strike, Tekken, AE, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, MVC2 & 3, And BlazBlue. We could start at my houseand as it grows move into a venue. TEXAS MUST UNITE!!!


Wish i still lived there to help you out man, but i moved to DFW 2 years ago haha. If you’re ever able to travel then hit me up though, my apt is always open for fellow people from BMT.


i might take you up on that offer man cause im past ready to move from this area!


I live in Vinton, La which is by Lake Charles. We have about 5 or 6 SF players in this area. Most of us are pretty good and we have GGS all the time. Hit me up if your interested in joining our group on Facebook and want to have some games.

Not to mention we have Cities the best Guile player in La right here in Lake Charles. :rock:


Dude im always in vinton but dont know anyone but my family out there. and thats perfect because i main guile so, the answer is YES!!!:china:


Alright cool well hit me up on Facebook with a FR


Idk how close you guys are to Nacogdoches, but I go to SFA and there’s a few guys up here who are pretty good, and willing to play whenever. Also, what’s up Noah?? lol


hi i’m from sacramento, available wednesday from 3pm - 10pm. I’m in the beaumont area, wanted to see the mvc3 competition down here. Msg back here please, thanks =)


yea what part of beaumont are you staying in?


hit me up on 9 1 6 6 6 7 1 5 3 8


I might have to keep an eye on this thread. My mother’s side of the family lives in this area I doubt I’ll be able to play anyone so in the near future, but it’s definitely an opportunity I should keep an eye on.


Just moved to Beaumont from Michigan. Anyone playing sf4 or mvc3 around here?


Not many bro, but me and my friends do. My GT is, l Bjo l. But im playing under a temporary account right now. its BlkGnasherRGKTA, add if you wanna play.


I just moved back to the BMT area… Looking to get back into fighters.

AIM: boxofpickles
cell 409-351-2803


i ain’t from beaumont im from dallas texas i would love to play somebody from dallas.