Beauty doesn't come easy : Building a better Vega through training



Hey guys, I’d like to put together the ideal training regimen to get my Vega up to snuff, and with committed continuation get tourney-ready within a few months or less, 2-3 hours a day minimum. Please share your info as specific as possible, starting with general and moving to matchup specific tactics. I’ll update this thread daily as new suggestions are available. Lets turn myself and other intermediate level claws into the next Tatsu, Joz, or Makoto should they stick to the regimen and continue to grow.

To start off Id like to suggest using the method Juicebox suggested in his podcast of doing a combo or technique 30 times in a row. If you mess up or drop combo, you start off back at 1. This should help with muscle memory on BnBs and the like.

[30x] - CH to [H]ST
[30x] - Kara Throw
[30x] - c.lp - c.lp - - EXFBA
[30x] - c.lp - [L]rcf
[30x] - cl.HP - cr.MP - EXFBA
[30x] - cr.MK - cr.MP - EXFBA
[30x] - j.HP - closeHP xx [H]rcf
[30x] - st.LK - cr.LP - cr.MP - EXFBA

~ Extensive fireball dodging for various characters. ~

.::Matchup Specific::.


Definitely need to practice the to c.jab or c.strong link.


How is HP x cr mp x EX FBA
2. cr mk x cr mp x ex FBA

not on that list!

Two other really good combos that I don’t see there are

  1. st lk x cr lp x cr mp x EX FBA
  2. cr lp x cr lp x cr mp x EX FBA (One of the easiest and most reliable combo once you get the timing down)


+1 on practicing the to link. That link is crucial for some of Claws 4 hit combo’s such as > > > EX FBA.

Also since your saying “tourney-ready” I would suggest practicing lvl2 FA into Ultra.


simple play good ryu, bipson and any match up u don’t like


Haha, I do the juicebox method. As Alex said, you completely forgot about, xx EX FBA and cl.hp, xx EX FBA they’re soooo good!


lol turn them into the next joz

haha =D

tatsu and i are working on character specific combos. there aren’t many in this game (for vega), but i would also rather focus on the characters it doesn’t hit as opposed to does, seeing as like i said most of everythin g hits everyone.

a few exceptions i’ve noticed are ex fba combos whiff on crouching ryu, ken, juri, and chun. for ryu and ken it’s only at about just within c. mp EX FBA max range that they start whiffing. for juri, a little closer than that, and for chun, a lot closer.

i’ve only done a couple chars but i’ll keep you posted. i’m really slow when it comes to this lol, i’m not a good lab worker at all.


It also misses on rose, cammy, viper, ibuki, Adon, and dan, although at different ranges.


j.HP - closeHP xx [H]rcf anywhere but the corner. Do you guys have any advice on that you could throw my way?


Urgh, character specific combos are lame.

Also, if you manage to kara throw 30 times in a row, can I steal your hands please? I’m having trouble gettting two in a row :frowning:


What I quite often practice (out of things that haven’t been listed yet), is fireball dodging,

  • pick any fireball character, but best is to alternate between them during sessions
  • record all variations being thrown out in a random pattern at will (incl. EX)
  • playback
  • dodge/counter them using different ways, at different distances… it’s useful to avoid becoming repetitive in your fireball dodging game, so your opponent has trouble catching on.
    Also useful to learn the difference between the recovery speed between e.g. Ryu vs Guile/Chun Li.

(empty nj / nj.lp / EX RCF / EX SHC / walljump (not dive) / FADC / KKK / empty walldive / U1 / U2 / …)

Sounds basic, but I often still hit myself in the head because I mistook a slow fireball for a fast one, and used the wrong way of avoiding them, it helps me at least…
Also improves your reactions, so you won’t end up trying to FADC an EX Hado or Akuma’s red fireball.

Also usefull for practicing U1/U2 punishes & distances.

Other then that, > > EX FBA and cl.hp > > EX FBA are way too important to leave out.
I practice the [L]ST > [H]ST loop a lot, for the occasional early anti-air catch.


any tips on how to do FA to s.hp to m.rcf?


any tips on how to do FA to s.hp to m.rcf?

I assume it is all about charging soon enough and hitting the crumple the latsest possible before it goes into "airborne status"
on the frame side

when you release the focus button on a level 2/3 focus you have
11 frame of stratup
2 actives
30 frames of impact freeze
19 frames of front dash
x frames of waiting
8 frames of startup
1 active frame
12 frames of impact freeze

total 81 + x

before you have to finish the rcf. execution and it doesent matter it is light medium or heavy RCF.

That is 21+x frames of leeway

now if we speak about a level 1 counter hit

we are down to 7+x frames of leeway and that on the contrary is pretty short.


You lose charge after dashing.


Doesn’t FA -> dash keep charge though?


It does not, you have to pretty much buffer the charge when you’re doing the dash (IE, charge, dash as soon as you possibly can in a focus, charge again)


I’d also throw some practicing simple wall-dive -> izuna drops in there! Doesn’t hurt to be able to pull it off 100% consistently when you need to!


I don’t really dabble in the science of frame data but in order for this combo to work I’m thinking L3 focus, immediately after Vega glows white for the second time forward dash (buffering the input) then hold back to charge buffer, input s.hp and cancel into l/m/h.rcf. I’m pretty sure this may work but I’m at work and can’t test it. If someone beats me to it lemme know :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, when I practic Kara throws I start from max distance and inch my way towards my opponent. Lol I fuckin lose it sometimes cus more often than not, when I’m in perfect range I end up kicking my opponent in the face xD


Oh gosh, I used to do this sooooo much XD "Now I’m back where I started you ghxhjgvsmzyuhjnm!!!"
I’m about This consistent with kara throws at the moment.
It still seems to pull him forward even when your throw input is;
LP or LK


I suggest you practice those kara taunts.