Bebop vs Kai : Retirement Match TONIGHT

Alright, so here’s a post in order to gather more spectators to at least have somewhat of an exciting night.

The rules have been changed.

Tonight, Thursday, March 20th, at 8 pm I will play Bebop in this supposed retirement match, not at FFA, but at our home arcade, Arcade Infinity.

However, the rules have been changed and agreed upon.

I will not ever be held responsible for anybody quitting or stopping 3s. That is a direct hit to all that I’ve ever wanted for the community of 3s. Thus, the terms have been set as follows.

If I (Kai) lose, then I will successfully forfeit 3rd strike. No casuals, no tournaments, nothing.

If Bebop loses, he will effectively be banned from playing 3rd Strike for 6 months.

There is no money involved. Other than the few tokens that we’ll be using…

It is in my hope that both of our decisions will be respected.



:rofl: I’ll try to show.

Go For Broke! No Mercy! i’ll try to make it too.

I challenge you to a MM.


Not worth my time.


Someone film this. I’d be interested in seeing it, but no way I’m driving to AI.

I really don’t know what I’m thinking by driving over there.

I could give you an overview of what’s going to happen from right here.

Round 1 Start.

Bother players dash back. Oro jumping back with chicken kicks. Chun doing back fierce. After about 3/4 of meter, Chun takes a few steps forward and starts low forwarding instead. Oro then jumps in with forward, chun parries and roundhouses. Oro is hit and lands. Chun walks up, walks back kara grab. Chun walks up low short kara grab. Oro jumps on wake up, Chun roundhouses, Oro parries and roundhouses, runs away and builds meter. Now mix all those up, and you have a a match. Cept Chun hasn’t tried a super in my story, but that’s cause she’s on 1p side. She can’t do it on that side.

I’m guessing that Oro wins. And Chun walks off the machine with a look that lets you know he wants to call the Oro a scrub but can’t because he just got raped.

nope. i am seeing oro’s unblockable shit all over the place.

i know i am wrong, cuz i am always wrong.


Kai you are a 3s martyr


and:rofl: @ everyone in this thread

thats including you dumbass
but seriously i get off at work at 4… so dumplings then… after tonight we dont have to save kai’s seat on saturday
haha :wink:

this whole thread reminds me of this old shit




Fucking wierd ass stakes. Kai died for our EX FIREBALLS.

I’ll try and make it.

someone get this shit on tape! can’t make it, finals :frowning: :frowning: