Because it needs to Be Said


Do you remember the days when capcom meant quality and didn’t produces quarter assed games…If you don’t, then I do. I think its time we told capcom to get it together or gtfo. Now Capcom hasn’t released all lemon but recent decisions on their part have left me wandering: could a half brain dead monkey flinging crap could have done better.
Lost Planet 2: The game where mech suits dont work, unlocks are random roulette, the only reliable method of killling is shooting a thrown grenade.
DMC: Enough Prequels this aint Star Wars
MegaMan:2d 8-bit MegaMan belongs in 2d 8-bit Era…get off your asses and make a proper 3d environment because it is possible and revive your f-ing franchise…its called progress.
SFIV: You know what the problem are…must it be said
CapcomxTekken:…GTFO Capcom and go get me my proper megaman.Don’t know about you but ill be damn if they catch me a third time around.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: I can’t find a proper word to describe this. MVC2 was a culmination of several versus titles that were good by themselves and had decent mechanics. the director/producer should be beaten savagely for new fighting system. MSH, XCOTA, SFvXmen, and MVC used 6 buttons; MVC2 simplified it two 4 plus assists, MVC3 is like welcome to a fighting game here is your safety helmet and the puffy gloves. Capcom must have assumed the challenged were playing this game to dedicate a launcher button and 3 fight buttons. Unbalanced is taken to new portions… move lists alone are unbalanced…Dante has everymove from dmc3 so what like 18 moves versus another characters 5, hell megaman has what 12+ games yet only had a soccer,leaf,tornado. The roster list gets even more pathetic with addition of a raccoon plus Phoenix and Frank West…seriously ffffuuuu. I too enjoyed ace attorney and Dead Rising but…but those two don’t even come close to belonging. In a game about people with “super powers” fighting, a regular photographer and attorney don’t fit. They are more like dlc not main add ins. Also do they plan on adding the entire RE cast.
Capcoms practices for releasing content has really been shoddy this time around. like what 10 shadow battles to be “purchased” 2 mediocre charcters to be purchased, 1 costume pack…and then buy UMvC in November repeat previous shennanigans. I also appreciate the quality of effort they put into online play, with not being able to see people fight when spectating…i sure enjoy watching wagging bars. I’ve found MvC3 to be the middle finger to be shoved deeper into ones rectum.


Feel better? :rolleyes:



I gonna take a guess here and say that you are from Unity, or Faqs, simply on an anti Capcom charade?


Go away, if you don’t like it just leave. Nobody’s wringing your neck.


There is a MegaMan thread in this forum somewhere.


Speak for yourself. I kinda want to.


I do. Then why don’t you? I really don’t get what any of the capcom hate is about at all, they are in my top 3 companies to consistently put out good products.


So this dude created an account just to say “What needs to be said”. Here’s what needs to be said “Shut the fuck up”.
How much yall wanna bet he created accounts on a bunch of different forums and pasted the exact same threads?
It’s a shame my modding powers don’t extend to this section.


Another one of these guys? Seriously? Go play in Traffic, it needed to be said.


To the OP: Here’s what I think needs to be said…

it is inside


You mad?



Just don’t buy Capcom’s products. That’s all I can say.


You don’t see what he did there.


Save it for Unity… but then I’d tell you to shut the fuck up there as well, and ban your ass too.


Yeah, remember when Capcom didnt release their quarter-assed games, like…

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
Street Fighter 2: Turbo
Super Street Fighter 2
Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo
Hyper Street Fighter 2

Oh wait… that wouldnt make SF2 quarter-assed, that would make SF2 sixth-assed.

My bad…

Obviously some fans must like the common updates for their games (myself included). It’s more than most companies do when they release games before they are ready and NEVER update them, patch them, or make a sequel within 5+ years. Why complain?


You must be still upset about mega man. Its alright, you’ll live.


Capcom still has the magic & the skills, Capcom has consistently put out wonderful games for like ~20 years, Capcom deserves our $. And, cherry on the cake, Capcom’s stock recently hit a 52-week high :slight_smile:




yeah, u mad.


i think the noises zero makes when he attacks in mvc3 are cool


The funny thing here is MvC3 is probably the best out of all the new gen fighting games (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻