Because StarCraft is Too EZ, Sid Meier's Civilization!

I just got into this shit, with the DS version of Civ Revolution and oh my gawd this is the game I’ve been looking for. It’s like advance wars+sim city to make an easy comparison.

As far as CivRev goes, I am really digging using the Arabs… they got that Caravan Money so I can research and make $$ at the same time. Last game I had Riflemen by 1300 AD lol. Also the Zulu are way too godlike early game, +1 move warriors if the opponent spawns close it’s a wrap. Zulu rush.

Anybody else play this? I remember faintly playing FreeCiv when I was a kid on my mom’s friend’s computer but was too young to really get into it. Great game.

Definitely gonna get into Civ4 when I get home.

If I recall, Civilization Revolution and the others are completely different in terms of gameplay. I may recommend the PS3 version of revolution though if you liked the DS one.

I loved Civ2. So much replay value.

starcraft is too easy? haha

i have been wanting to get into civ for some time now, where’s a good place to start?

Seriously. Starcraft is possibly the most difficult game in existence. The only other game that might be comparable on a technical level is Guilty Gear. . .and even then, SC is still vastly more technical and difficult.

As far as hardest games… Ghosts and Goblins.

ANYWAY. Civ2 is a good place to start if you’re open to older games, but Civ4 is still REALLY good. Revolutions really different than the others though so don’t expect the same thing when you play them. Also be warned, it’s a Sid Meier’s game so we all know that means be ready for so many bugs an exterminator would give up.

sorry but g&g isn’t one of the hardest games, it is damn hard though

I still play Civilization 3 a good amount (with conquest expansion)

If any of you have it, YOU MUST download the modpacks from civfanatics. Goooood shit

wasn’t there a civ thread? anyhow, I was playing Civ Rev on DS a lot when I Was in Japan. I was a big fan of the Aztecs, because they started with money and that allowed me to rush a jaguar warrior in the first turn and start exploring. I think it’s pretty good, it even allowed me to walk right into a capital a couple of times, because it takes 5 turns to finish a jaguar warrior.

Yes, but it is old as shit.

I remember going from Civ Rev on the Xbox 360 to Civ 4 on the PC and getting my ass whooped constantly. I love the overall layout of Civ 4 but it is just so difficult.

I have an R4 card so I have the ability to play just about any DS game I want. This being said I have put more hours into Civ:Rev than any other game. Sadly, there is a “best” way to go about things though. And the AI is kinda silly. Everyone will declare war on you.

memories…i freakin love allying myself with one powerful nation…then i just declare wars with EVERYBODY. i would build a massive navy and cover almost every tile around my nation with battlehsips, AEGIS cruisers, nuclear subs, and carriers

fuck the world…fuck you spain…i didnt forget about you chinese fucks…gtfo pathetic cavemen USA

( i always played the germans or the english on my civ3)

This post has committed the crime of failure. StarCraft isn’t necessarily more complicated than a lot of RTS games, it’s just much more balanced and fun. Hell, it’s definitely NOT more complicated than Homeworld or Age of Empires II.

On top of that, comparing a fighting game to an RTS game? Really? Someone who is amazing at GG might consider SC to be incredibly difficult and vise versa.

No offense, but your post is fucking weird.

On topic: I love Civilization. I haven’t played Civ: Rev but I played the SHIT out of Civ III and IV. I didn’t like IV as much though because of the religion aspect. It was just too hard to account for but it did make sense.

age of empires 1. thanks

starcraft is not difficult. Its just a matter of who makes the first mistake but other than that, everyone plays the same way.

yeah i played on my R4, and gave it to a bunch of people in Japan who also played the shit out of it and we compared strats and whatnot. my friend was a huge fan of the Japanese.

and its ridiculous how the ai only declares war on you, I’ve had games where I’m not doing much of anything, and everyone is raping me while they let the Chinese launch into space and I think the Spanish either massed gold or great people and wonders. The only time they declare war on each other is so they can move troops through their territory to kill me. which sucks because i play pretty defensively.

I like to either mass gold and build the world bank, get a cultural victory, and sometimes launch into space. I always use democracy as soon as I can, because I never declare war anyway and it boosts gold and production I believe. I also choose Aztecs(like I mentioned earlier) so I can rush a jaguar warrior, and get exploration in, and they auto-heal after successful battles so weak troops cannot wear my defenses down slowly. but that is just me, how do you all play?

I’ve been thinking about trying Civ on the PC, because I am sure they are more complex, what would people recommend? I remember fishjie saying in the old thread that each game has its own following, but what is the general consensus?

screw that…the only way to rule is with an iron fist. Destroy everyone!

i play safe during the early turns. Once i hit the industrial eras i go nuts…i pick my allies then I level the closest nation to the ground

one time i built enough nukes for every major city on the planet. oh boy was that fun

EDIT: get civ3 complete. goto civfanatics and download mod packs

Kane’s Wrath

Those of you saying starcraft is easy have no idea what your talking about.