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Ok, so I’m sorta cross-posing these questions from a thread I made on the Sagat section of the forums (apparently that was a bad idea shrugs) These questions are aimed for intermediate to advanced players. I’ve been playing Sagat for a few weeks now and I kind of already get simple things like his basic combos, ultra setups, etc.

#1) footsies and taking the offensive in general; am i doing it wrong?

Sagat’s slow movement makes moving in and out of the opponents sweep range difficult, I gotta be JUST at the right spot at the right time to counter sweep/poke or I can get knocked down or eat a standing fierce (Ryu/Chun/Balrog are good examples.) Sometimes I’ll do a ‘psychic’ low tiger shot or tiger knee just outside of their poking range and that’ll reset the spacing and I can advance safely or pull back. I’m bummed he’s losing his standing short ->knee links, which will makes safe tiger knee block strings harder. Is there a good alternative to that string when your taking the offensive on a blocking opponent with the tiger knee?

#2) Giving the opponent a little jumping god elbow

Ok so this is what I usually throw out to get into my BnB cr.lp xx Fierce TU.
I’ve found the safe times to use it are against poorly spaced fireballs, and charge characters right after they’ve expelled their charge on a blocked or whiffed move (they’ll subconsciously bring their character back to crouch block again to charge another attack, and that’s when I go in for the elbow, works fairly often.) Am I missing opportunities to use it elsewhere or should I just ease up on jumping in general?

#3) Mix-ups?

Seriously, what is Sagat’s mixup game? Is it better because of his kinda slow, large frame to just wait the opponent out and counterattack their fuckups? In the corner I use a bait and punish approach, but I don’t see a lot of true rushdown sagats, that’s why I’m wondering if it’s even possible to play him in that sort of way as opposed to zoning/punishing.



If a high level sagat mirror doesn’t give you tips on how to play his range game then I don’t know what will

first round is pretty boring, the later stuff is where it gets hectic.

Because of his range and his fast fireballs you can really dictate the pace and let them come to you. In the video LI Joe waits until he gets a knockdown and then uses the tiger knee to close the gap.


Have you read this thread?
All you questions were answered a long time ago.

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