Become a BEAST in 65 Days - A Guide for Dummies


Roshihikari’s 65-DAY Guide to Becoming a Beast

Follow Roshihikari’s Step by Step Guideline to becoming beast in 65 days. This “For Dummies” guide is aimed at turning complete noobs into beasts in 65 days. Adhere to the following guidelines and you will be beasting in no time!

This guide has been split into PHASES to make it easy to follow. This way, you do not have to worry about further phases until you have completed the phase that you are on.

Phase 1 (ONGOING):

Step 1: Purchase and use a quality arcade stick
Step 2: Tune in to Roshihikari’s expert advice on the SRK Forums
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

Phase 2 (DAYS 1-6):

Step 1: Develop interest in SFIII: Third Strike by watching Roshihikari’s videos on SRK
Step 2: Understand the general gameplay by playing through arcade mode several times + Watching someone good play through arcade mode
(Understand the basic concept of overhead moves, low moves, “torso” moves, and throws.)
Step 3: Play through arcade mode with at least 12 different characters
(Including Ken, Ryu, and Alex in these 12 characters is advisable.)
Step 4: Select a character that you want to use primarily for now
Step 5: Study and know this character inside out, including the details of every single move, dash, jump, etc.
(For example, whether it is an overhead or low move, or just a “torso” move. How quickly or slowly does that move occur?)
Step 6: Get USED TO using these moves in real matches, such that the moves become second nature to you
Step 8: Seek advice and guidance on these moves by visiting the SRK forums and connecting to Roshihikari

**PHASE 3 (DAYS 7-20): **
Step 1: Armed with the familarity with 12 characters, you may now use your main character to play another beginner (or the CPU)
Step 2: Grasp the fundamentals of Blocking, Punishing and Zoning against these 12 characters

BLOCKING: Find out which of your moves are safe to use against which characters.
(This will require experience + advice from Roshihikari)
Find out which of THEIR moves are safe and unsafe on your character.

PUNISHING: Find out what they can punish you with if you perform your unsafe moves.
Find out what move YOU can punish each character with after blocking their unsafe moves.

ZONING: Play mini games where you try to keep them away from you for as long as possible, by using your moves to zone them OUT so that they cannot get in. Do this with against different characters and players.

PUNISHING is a reaction/passive component.
ZONING is a proactive component where you constantly move and constantly think.
BLOCKING should be 90% reaction, 10% systematic.

Step 3: Now that you know your punishers, learn your character’s combos so that you can inflict the maximum damage when you punish. For example, Ken can do standing Fierce Punch canceled into Medium Shoryuken, canceled into Super Art 3. Practice executing these so that you can punish people with this in a real match.
Step 4: Practice all your character’s main combos so that you can execute them flawlessly. If you don’t know what your character’s main combos / punishing combos are, ask Roshihikari on the SRK forums.


… To Be Continued.

Who are the technical characters?

Reserved – Remember kids, follow Roshihikari’s advice and become a beast at SFIII: Third Strike


Reserved – Remember kids, follow Roshihikari’s advice and become a beast at SFIII: Third Strike


Roshi is Yi Wang.


Or his alter ego Wi Yang…


It’s like reading a transcript for one of those bizarre Japanese game shows.