Become the Jaguar Assassin: Adon's AE match up and strategies thread



Thread for AE match ups.

Current Hitlist



Abel, punish wheelkicks with LK jk if you judge the distance is right, ex is safe of course.
His rekkas should be punished like this: First hit is throwable on block (ex included, but tighter). The timing is tight, you might want to plink your throw. So after you block the first hit, attempt a throw, if he does the second hit you will block it, now you can freely punish with a RJ, doesn’t matter if he does the third hit. It’s pretty hard to do it in matches and I still miss but that’s the idea.
















Chun Li











E. Honda


El Fuerte


Evil Ryu


Fei Long








Just for reference: The point which to input a reversal on Sonic Hurricane is when the camera angle changes to the back of guile. You have a split second to input a reversal right before Guile says “Hurricane”. Look out for “Sonic” and then its like 2 seconds before the “Hurricane”. If knocked down, you can use ex jt to escape. No problems if guile’s back is to the corner.












If fighting a lp dp whore wait till Ken says “Ryu” and attack at that frame. If you blocked a shoryuken, let go of block at “Sho” and start hitting st rh to repay him the service. I also found cr mp - cr fp useful.

M. Bison




You want to refrain from throwing out random jaguar tooths as Makoto has various ways to beat it. You are better off using jaguar kick to stop her advances.
















T. Hawk











Good shit on the thread but try and take some of the matchup info from the old thread and place it in this one


Sorry was at work when i created the thread and was working after hours doing so. I am home now (12:51 am) and will move a lot of that stuff here.


Its an online tactic I am using but take advantage of turtling Rogs. Ever wondered what you could use f+mp for? If Rog is currently crouch blocking and teching all your shit, surprise his ass with a Jaguar Crunch. Also if further away break is turtle shell with ex Jaguar kick, just watch out for the headbut as this will beat your your ex jk. To this day I dont know why. Damn you Capcom!


Ah well im pretty sure this is no secret but adon can kind of run over vega in this matchup I try to quickly declaw vega and just out footsie him and make him wall dive you can pretty much do what you want if you corner him without the claw, but if he does have the claw try to space him out with standing roundhouse but dont let him get too comfy with the footsie game. Like I said before try to declaw him first

  • Use u1 to punish all wall dives
  • Jagga tooth punishes whiffed wall dives and it gets you in
  • Netural jump roundhouse stuffs vegas walls dives


For the viper matchup I feel that its a very hard matchup but you have to make her respect you for it to be a little bit easier for you

I usually come at her full force when shes meterless because her main option is thunder knuckle and you can just predict those, really just try to work her in the corner and confuse her with tick throws and over heads she will eventually try to lash out with something but if you keep her at a good range you will see it coming.

But when she has meter you must respect her no special move is safe ex seismo eats em up, Try to use low forward and standing hard kick and try to make her use her meter when she doesnt have to but be cheeky with jaguar kick cancels because like I stated before ex seismo will beat you every time.

Now when viper is on the offensive you must know when you can strike I often discourage pressing buttons when she hits you with a burnkick because she is at the advantage and she can easily stuff you, remember burn kicks can be focused but do not rely on that because viper can still punish you if she lands behind you.
I feel as if I got lucky but when viper does a burnkick over your head and you have some kind of breathing room to do a move I used light rising jaguar to escape it but she can still punish you with low forward but it is a little gimmick I found while playing against viper.


Will add as I get down those characters. Been up since 3am adding and testing shit.


Frankly the chun matchup shouldnt be that hard once you get in, but thats the problem most of the time just getting in.

I like to use adon’s walk speed to get in its the safest option.If you do use special moves use his IAJK specifically the hard one it covers the most area also if you delay it you can punish her hard punch if she tries to AA you. RESPECT HER NEUTRAL JUMP ROUNDHOUSE I say this because that move is retarded in my book it punishes most of adons specials but if you time it right you can walk under her and use is to shut it down but you gotta be quick you can safe jump her ex bird with his forward throw hard punch and you can rising jagga os her back dash so you can keep her in place but be on your toes when she has meter your health will go away quick if youre not careful. When it comes to footsies just keep it at the normal mid range and watch out for her sweep you can punish it with light jagga kick if you time it right either way it gets you in. Make sure you AA her any chance you get so that she’ll be forced to stay on the ground do not try to air to air her you can be air grabbed and double fierced into some other combo. Also if you do get in with a jagga tooth or jagga kick try not to go for the cross up as much or jump in pressure most chuns just jump up and target combo but if you’re playing footsies and you’re on equal ground jump in but dont make a habit of it

-U1 does punish her kikoshos or free jump in at the right range

  • ex jagga tooth does not go through her u2


take ya time I’ve been up for no reason so I just thought i’ll put in my two cents


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Yun and Yang matchup info plz anyone? GO!


Ok, I would firstly like topoint out my Adon is mediocre at best, with that being said here is a few matchup tips I have picked up along the way. I hope a few help you.

  • Vs Any shoto (except Sak and Dan) Since week1 of ssf4 I came up with this way to use Jag Revolver. I can honestly say I’ve not seen anyone use this. Durant has kindly dubbed this the “Focus Bait”. Now the FB will work on any shoto but Sak or Dan since their fireballs are ass. It works for me 9 times out of 10. I kinda have it down to an art now lol. 1.12 and 2.05 is the FB. Few pointers tho. Firstly, don’t just do the FB then ultra you need to be sure there is another fireball coming, You need to listen for the char’s fireball to start before you ultra, you have to be quick but it’s not that hard to get it down. Secondly, Always press towards when you ultra, if you don’t then there is a chance JR will fall short and by the time the 2nd hit comes out your opponent has time to block. Its very important the 1st hit of JR connects.
  • Vs Hawk. Recently I have noticed that Hawks like to do condor spire to either A) build meter or B) close the distance between you, So I have started using Jag Revolver for this matchup, You can punish the ondor spires easily and from any distance.
  • Vs Bison. will beat psycho crusher, N.j.hp is also a good tool for those bisons who like to headstomp from a distance, also If you decide to block the headstomp and they go for devils reverse HK.RJ will make them think twice about doing it again.
  • Vs the twins. N.j mk I have started using to stuff there insane amount of divekicks that they like to do. Its quicker than n.j hk which helps considering their divekicks are insanely fast.Also Hk jag kick works too. Now not sure if this is 100% but the past few times I have stuffed EX lunge punch with maybe its distance affected i’m not sure but it worked a couple of times.
  • Vs Rog. all turn punches. When it comes to his rush punches i have found out you can throw him out of them. Dont know if its just adon who can do this or everyone but its a really good option to have since adons throw is hella fast.
    I hope some of this info will help and i’ll post some more things later.


E. Ryu- Ultra 2 aint as good as it looks. If you block it, give him first and second wave of the dps. As he lands after the 2nd srk, throw his ass. I dont even need to talk about his Ultra 1. Do what you do to ryu. JK his ass for the win.

Edit you can also ex jk over him while he does u2 not sure how it happened but it happened…


You should treat El Fuerte like you should treat Ibuki. Currently what I do is start the match at max distance and make them come to me. For Elf, he will either think of using the run (which i would look for the forward movement and JK) or try to bounce off the wall. Dont be scared of the wall bounce. If you guys are really full distance apart it wont reach so punish when he does the press (I used a rh jk). Just becareful in close because he has a lot of shenanigans that you just dont want to fool with.

RJ Dudley for any blocked machine gun punch

Gen if in Crane stance (one hand behind him) has a very floaty jump. If you see him in that stance be wary of cross ups. His Oga kick (where he bounces to the wall) can be dangerous if unexpected. Best to block. When it falls on top of you, block the normal way. It will only cross up if you are in the corner and that only happens once Gen lands but block as if the attack is coming from the front. For the most part, Gen in Crane stance is an ass bandit. If he can get behind you, he will rape you with his stuff. Further watch out for his cr lk (Crane stance). Just getting hit with it puts you in a juggle state which they can connect to their super or Crane U1 (if in corner). To block Crane U2 you must block high. Nothing sucks more than getting hit with Maximum Gen. Also its a sucky counter but if you have U1 and input just as Gen moves with U2 you can escape or punish but for only 180 damage. This might be useful if trying to take down a dying Gen but blocking high maybe less risky. Edit if you are on the ground you can jump forward or back depending on spacing to get out of it.


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