Become the Jaguar Assassin: Adon's AE match up and strategies thread

Played against a low bp Yang. He feinted palm while I did sweep and my legs went through him. Capcom FIX YOUR FUCKING BUGS! Sorry had to get it out. I won but salty as hell since this might mean they have lower body invulnerability during feint.

Yun lunging from full screen? Show him that he isnt invincible by rj his ass. Works on all lunges even ex.

There is some dust that comes out when Yun does his palm strikes. Seems those are the range of the move. Stay away from dust and you cant be hit.

I saw a video on the Cody blog where a Cody simply standing Jabbed an EX lunge punch. If you can react fast enough, you can counter lunge punches.

That being said I have not been able to do that.

Yea I went in lab and tested too but in a real match you are less likely to get the timing down. I would recommend at the beggining of the match do a jab just in case the Yun wants to be sneaky, that way you show him he cant be serious and during the match use rj as its more reliable. I was testing the rh version which worked best. If he is coming from full screen, you should have just enough time to input rh rj (invincibility) and knock his ass out of it.

So I was playing a random ranked yesterday and actually standing Jabbed Yun out of lunge punch a few times in a match. I don’t think there would be enough time to RJ in these instances. If you think a lunge is coming, hitting jab a couple times is generally safe and will stop yun pressure.

DISCLAIMER: I was playing very horribly at the time, missed combos, and generally played crappy. I would generally not find this video youtube worthy but thought it was appropriate as per the discussion.
SECOND DISCLAIMER: I do not feel this accurately represents my Adon but I somehow managed to scrub out a win.

That being said; enjoy!


hmmm so it has to be a standing jab? at least for the ex lunge

o yea we should play sometime

Okay I dont know what I can add here really, I havent got much time at this present moment but ill add some stuff when I can.

One thing to throw in the Yun and Yang match ups is that when used right is godlike! or even, both can punish dive kicks and pretty much any special.
Ex.jk and jt both can beat/go through the palms as they are classed as fireballs!
Be careful of doing rj FADC u2 too fast against yun as it will whiff, I treat it like I do against small characters in the corner, if you do it too fast you go under them!

Currently watching the replay of Salty Conflict Online (tournament held on xbox console, streamed by Peaceful Jay on Justintv) and an Adon won (thats what got me to review the replays. What was more interesting is that I think I saw Adon dash under Oni’s slash move. Will post the matches in the video thread a bit later.

I have yet to play AE, but based on my experience in Super, I have one important strategy that should be used in all matchups:


Adon’s standing jab has absurd priority, the close version can be used to anti-air some cross-up attempts and it can be used as a meaty OS (it has the same frame data as Balrog’s crouching jab). In fact, if you manage to anti-air a cross up, walk forward and OS them!

In addition to what i posted earlier about Hawk, you can punish a blocked condor dive with jag revolver too.

Just as a note to what you said about Dudley.
lp.mgb is only -2 so you cannot punish it! mp.mgb can only be punished by a lk.rj as its -4, and contrary to some belief (mainly my friend who plays dudley) you cannot punish ex.mgb with ultra as Adon (u2 being 9f dudley being -8). Super works fine though!

Another thing to remember about the Dudley match up is that his wakeup options are not brilliant. I found when he doesnt have ex, to start off with a hk.jk, as if they like doing their counter move you just armour break it, you will beat any other reversal that ive seen and if he blocks you are safe.
Once he fears this he is basically free on wakeup.
If he has ex be careful of ex.jet but you could always try baiting it, it doesnt have a good horizontal range and I dont think its very easy to auto-correct.

Dudleys hp and f+hp can beat out but I believe our buffed can stuff it, needs to be tested but before it used to trade, with the buff… test it! Also cr.hp is good in this fight as it can catch Dudleys who use duck to get in! One thing to note about dudleys heavy punch is that it hits very hard and depending on range and how he hits he can combo them, not sure if it needs to be a counter hit. Be careful of doing predictable focusing as he can always do a ducking straight which breaks armour, and although its been nerfed he can grab after a duck its just delayed a little.

Be careful of using too many jk’s, Dudley can beat them with a basic AA which does come out quite quick! but correct spacing should nullify this and you shouldnt be throwing them out willy nilly anyway!

Although Adon has great armour breaking moves and generally stops people using focus, Dudleys focus has great range and used well can lead to high damage, I treat it like fei longs and tend to just block them rather than try and beat them out. I have found the range can absorb st.hks tip and still hit, and can punish our sweep!

Be careful of doing too many backdashes, it is possible for dudley to punish them with OS’s, not quite sure exactly what the OS is, believe it incorporates a mgb for punish… also note dont mash crouch tech as Dudley has some high damage frametrap/Counter hit combos. His combos hit hard normally but these hit even harder especially now that he can juggle with!

Dudley does have a decent mix up on your wake up, but he doesnt have a cross-up!

One thing to remember in this match up is that he has 100 more hp than you and only needs to hit you with a few basic combos and you will be severely hurting!

EVO is a week away and i need some matchup help.

First off, Ken i have trouble dealing with his pressure. His f+mk especially, anyways once he gets in it feels like i have no options, so what can i do to keep him out? Dealing with his fireballs are easy because i have U1 and mk.jk. And are there any OS/safe jumps against him?(his uppercut is 3f so probably not).

Other matchups that just seem really hard, Chun, Cody, Rose, M. Bison, Balrog, and Akuma.

Ken I treat him like I do ryu watch his meter and his signature gimmicks ti get in like his f-mk if you get hit your best options are not to press buttons or crouch tech. Also I do not think adon has a safe jump for shotos

Cody you will have to work him into the corner and out footsie him and watch out when he has meter but you can os his zonk knuckle

Rose you can work her into the corner with footsies and just run her over in the corner

Mainly you can get a better idea of most matchups here and look at the matchup vids granted mos of em are in chocolate but some rules still apply

Against Ken f+mk, roundhouse beats it clearly from a distance, hk jk can be good in mind game and rj in reaction if he really spam it, if he plays with U II use hk jk in mind is not the best idea.
Most of the time i use avalanche against Ken, his hadokens suck to much to be really useful.

If he had two meters to cancel, just block, it’s better to eat a throw than dp cancel to ultra.

His air tatsu is really annoying to me, so much priority in air and if it hits in ground, it’s hurts, sometime late rj can anti air this.

You can check the final between GamerBee and Momochi, really greats matchs or those against Daigo’s Ken, it’s really hard for GB.

Against Cody, don’t jump, don’t spam jk, you must play smart and put it on the ground to win, rj every jump, you can OS U II against his backdash and (ex) zonk.
Neutral jump mk cancel jk works very well against him.

Rose, rushdown her face, don’t play footsies, she’s better, easier said than done, she doesn’t have goods answers against jk except ultra I and slide, i prefer to use avalanche against her.

Akuma, pray if you touch the ground, he has better pokes, against his roundhouse, neutral jump hk, otherwise block and block and feel the pressure.

Balrog, i hate this match-up, roundhouse, rj or avalanche in his damn dash punches, take care of his damn sweep, don’t be predictable with your jumps and roundhouse, otherwhise you will eat an headbutt.

Bison, his roundhouse is just too good against Adon, play footsies until he touches the ground, try the good OS, if he doesn’t have and ex, i guess he will tp then os lk jaguar kick.
Some scruby Bison likes to jump with mp to juggle his ultra, rj this stupidity, there is a lot of matchs between GamerBee and Isy.
Against knee press, in the guard, don’t backdash, his roundhouse hits Adon’s backdash.

Don’t forget to tell us how it went.

Edit : Thanks Negro for the link, so many matchs to watch.

Yo, Gamerbee did good in some casuals and focus fire did get some video of him playing against some big names

GB vs Wolfkrone

GB vs Latif

GB vs Ryan Hart (yun)

GB vs Poongko

GB vs Weirdo Neo (juri)

I don’t find Chun to be an issue at all usually. There’s a bunch of Adon tools she has trouble dealing with without taking risks, and those very same tools can be used to bait out fireballs and so on. It’s really to the point with her that if I get her into the corner (which usually happens very quickly) I absolutely expect to win the round.

Basically, I start tap dancing at a safe distance to get her to try and fire a fireball for control, and then I do Instant AIR hk Jag to get over the fireball and after that point it’s pretty over. Once you hit Air Jag > C.strong XX Light Rising Jag, you pretty much just do a safe jump on her quick tech, block the SBK if there is one, and punish with C. Strong for the same situation. I never OS my safe jumps (unless I’m positive the player has a habit and I’m behind on the match anyway) because if she backdashes she just gets herself closer to the corner anyway and I don’t like to risk eating the SBK because of the OS input. If you get a knockdown of some sort and you can’t set up a safe jump you can back off to just outside of sweepdistance and HK Jag her wakeup…this is especially useful in the corner. If she SBK’s it will beat it clean and if she blocks she eats the chip and you are at Adon’s ideal spacing.

If the chun starts out subsequent rounds without trying to represent a fireball, you know she’s afraid of air Jag’s, so if they are novice like they might try to jump (which you can punish eassily) or if they are just waiting around then just do a couple of feints and find a good time to put a well placed jag and you are in to start your annoying jag pressure (just beware of players predicatably trying to beat spaced jags by neutral jumping which is usually what most players try to do). There’s nothing really more to say I mean…her normals are good and probably slightly outclass Adon’s footsie game but they aren’t versatile enough to stop the variety of vectors that Adon can access with the Adon Tidal wave and if she gets hit she is basically getting pushed back a ton to the corner where she has almost no chance.

One thing though, her jump back in the corner doesn’t get punished as easilly by EX Jag, so be careful with using that against her without proper character specific timing.

6/4 Adon although I would love to play some more Chun’s.

What Ultra do you think is better for the Chun matchup? Personally i like U1, because it can punish her fireballs because it’s really easy to react to and if you safe jump her EX SBK you can punish with U1, because Chun’s EX SBK is -18 on block i believe and Adon’s U1 is 12f startup.

Also, you can safe jump OS her EX SBK with jump-in HK ~(slight delay) cr.HP it catches her backdash and if she EX SBK’s you block. :china:

Is it actually easy to punish chun’s fireballs with U1? I always figured that since she was a charge character the fireballs would be harder to react and punish with ultra. Also as a general rule, I try not to bother with U1 even in matchups against shoto’s because I feel adon already has plenty of tools to get around fireballs (psychic mk Jag just passed sweep distance, EX Jag on reaction, instant air hk or mk Jag or just using his short jump arc to ampty jump into a distance…hell there’s light air jag over from full screen if you want to stall). In short I would rather use ultra 2 since it allows me to make the most of my opportunities whenever I get in and land a hit (which I feel happens a lot vs. chun). This feeling becomes more prevalent the better I get at EX jagging fb’s on reaction =)

About OSing: Really? I need to work on other forms of OSing besides safe jump > special buffer. We should talk on AIM and exchange strats…Pancho DDS if you wanna talk.

alrite so I was playing at the arcade and there are two matchups I have no idea how to deal with. Seth and Rufus. I do not really know how to safely get out of Rufus pressure. I mash dp hoping it hits but thats pretty much all I got. When I got the pressure on him I can stay on top of him and win.

For Seth, I agree with one guy that pretty much mash dp and when you score a knockdown get a mixup. Also on wakeup seth can spd rising jaguar. it happened to me unless I got auto-correct and got jaguar kick then um yea.

It would depend on the rj and when he did it. I dont know how fast Seths spd is, but remember apart from hk.rj the other ones have body specific invincibility! its likely he could be grabbing you during the start up!? :frowning:
Against Seth I usually play defensive, Seth players seem really impatient and love dp on wakeup! just remember you do more damage than him and can take more! Late hk.rj is my greatest asset in this match up, although iajks are awesome too! :smiley:

I think, dont quote me, close st.hp and beat dive kicks, so do backdashes depending on the angle!
I would say dont jump predictably against Rufus, he has a million ways to get you into his u1!
However this is one match up I really dont know, coming across a Rufus (let alone a good one) in europe is rare!

You forget the mighty vs. dive characters! It’s an excellent choice to swat away dive kicks!

Safe jump him to death basically. RH jag a lot from a safe distance since it will cover him trying to jump in as well as appear threatening to him if he’s trying anything else. Your both going to want to be in the air a lot, you because you always want to feint with empty jumps and pretend like an air jag is coming, and he probably more because he’s rufus. RH jag like I said above, preemptive j.strong, RH Rising and s.strong all help on various capacities to keep him grounded. Use c.Jab x1/x2 XX RH Jag a lot as a pressure string too. Can’t say I’m especially scared of Rufus.