Becoming a better turtlers/Runaway

I just took a look at another thread in FG talking about how to beat turtlers/Runaways, I on the other hand want to learn to be a more effective turtler/Runaway player…Yea it might sound lame but I think this is what makes a player better… Any tips?

I’m the type of gamer that will wait but after a few sec’s of planning a attack…will dash in a get owned.

Beware of the throw, for she is your natural enemy. And uh, any specific game in mind?

Yeah what game(s) do you have in mind?

Cause honestly that’s the play style I use so I may be able to help.

Having more patience than your opponent.

Never being ashamed of just sitting there for an eternity and whittling down the timer to zero.

Jump back all day.

Practice Dizzy. Runaway and a rushdown character, can’t beat that!

One problem… cough she sucks in Slash cough

Jump back a lot. Stop playing the game.

Speaking of Guilty Gear turtling…

With Baiken, you can zone/turtle by jumping and air dashing backwards, or IAD’ing backwards. Then either tatami mat to cover the space in front of you, or j.S to cover the opponent running under you, depending on what your opponent does.

May can set up a dolphin hoop and just sit under it. Well you don’t even have to sit, you can jump around, too, but make sure the dolphins will retaliate against any attack. This is a great tactic if you’re in the lead and just want to run down the clock.

Millia’s j.D is a pretty good deterrent. Jump/air dash backwards and throw it out as low to the ground as possible. Knocks down on hit, and on counterhit, it’s a free launcher combo (ouch).

Blah blah Bridget can turtle too blah blah.

Dunno about Millia j.D but Anji j.D is fuckn’ nasty to get counter hit with. But he’s not what I would call a runaway char so dunno.

There isn’t really much turtling per se in GG anyway because of the way the game is designed… although I do think some characters can be classified under the “runaway” category for the way they play.

I always thought of these chars in #R as runaways: Eddie, Baiken, Dizzy, Chipp.

I don’t think it’s a matter of “this character is a runaway character” or “this character isn’t a runaway character” but rather a matter of changing tactics when the situation and/or matchup calls for it.

I see that Tritone is spreading “The Word”.

Millia j.D is a poke. But this isn’t a thread about GG, because that game doesn’t have many general analogies when it comes to playstyles.

But for the topic at hand, just play as patiently as possible. A good turlter is someone who knows EVERYTHING about the game, and avoids risking too much at one time. Knowing enough about a game that you can pick someone apart very quickly, just on patience alone, can makes it look as if you aren’t turtlting per-say, just waiting him out.

  1. be patient
  2. take 0 risks
  3. punish everything

congratulations, 3 basic rules to being a turtle.

what if time is running low and you are wayy behind?

then u stop running. risk all of it because you’re going to die anyways… it’s sorta like… you got 1 pixel left in 3S, and your opponent goes for genai jin… you’re ken… will you not even attempt a parry xx dp?

under no circumstances do you hold anything but back, unless it’s downback or upback.

I don’t know what that means but I hope it isn’t bad :-/

Still run away! :lol:

Basically, the best mindset I think you can have as a turtle is to take any lead you have as a victory. If you’re winning by one point of vitality, you’re winning; why take a chance and lose that lead? Have patience, know what pokes are the best for keeping people out, don’t jump around that much, know how you can effectively run away and keep people out. And DON’T, go on the offensive if you have a lead!

Oh yeah, and for the record, you better be used to people getting pissed at you during matches.

Cause it tends to happen ALOT.

find safe ways to build gauge. and just sit there and do it all day. react to jumpins and punish accordingly.

Good advice here…I’ma deff try to keep some of this in mind. Like don’t be a shame to sit and wait for the moment to strike and being patient