Becoming a more aggressive cody



Hello everyone im really improving and getting a lot better as cody but i get a lot of messages and feedback online saying that my basic cody is good but i should work on being more aggressive. how should i be more aggressive or what set ups and techniques should i use to do so?


You don’t have to play Cody aggressive, you can play him with just solid fundimentals and footsies really.
If you want to be more aggressive however, maybe I can help? Do you have any footage of you playing cody or just describe how you normally play?




heres some recent gameplay of me playing. sorry about it being a little shaky. any tips or advice would help but i would like to learn to be a more aggressive cody


You’re aggressiveness seems fine to me! lol, I think you could even be a bit less aggressive. Try and jump in less (especially on deejay), and go easy on the ex zonk man that stuff’s not safe!


Cody is similar to Dudley in that he rides momentum. He has a crazy pressure game, and his frame traps are nice. An illusion that will make you seem like you are getting aggressive is doing a combo into mk.ruffian, then dashing in once and depending on if they quick get up or not depends on what you do after, if he does quick get up, try baiting something, or use a frame trap if they have no wake up ability. If they don’t, you can do a second dash and do his crack kick, which looks like you are leaving yourself wide open. I usually add a cr.lp after crack kick so the opponent still thinks I’m just pressing buttons. The objective is to get your opponent scared of you with Cody, which goes for pretty much every character. His pressure game is key to his aggressiveness. Then again, solid play as well can help you get by anyways