Becoming a real estate agent


I’ve been contemplating about my future and thinking about becoming a real estate agent. It’s only 1 year of study too (it sounds too easy though). Anyone here a real estate agent? Any advice and good info? Is it a good thing to do?


It’s a tough gig.


Where do you live and where will you be selling, first of?


In a city near montreal I’m guessing.


From what I heard it was great before housing bubble. And yes getting qualified is easy, but you have to be able to sell.

Good luck.


That’s it? I’m sure some of you guys have more info come on! DISCUSS!!!


A lot of people I know become real estate agents, spend lots of time and money making cards, taking classes, doing open houses… pretty much none of them sell anything. I know a few that make sales all the time, but they are all older and full time real estate agents. YMMV, but it’s really tough.


Unless you’re married w/ rich asian wife i wouldn’t recommend it…


I’ll never get a rich asian wife. =/


I was actually licensed in D.C. to sell real estate. I took the Long & Foster class, passed it, took the national and local exams, passed both after taking the tests twice since they were difficult, and was laid off


It’s a lot of work to make money off of real estate right now. It wasn’t for me and I have no interest to reinstate my license status.


Depressing answers so far lol.


It gets more depressing:

Econoday Report: Existing Home Sales?August?24,?2010

Econoday Report: New Home Sales?August?25,?2010

I realize that this is for US and you are in Canada, but I’m the trend is probably not too different. Though you should know that the sharp drop after April '10 is due to the end of the housing incentives (which obviously was a US thing). On a good (but only slightly good) note, July saw a 5.7% growth in existing house sales.


Most of the people I knew who went through with it saw it as a quick and easy way to make a lot of money… but there aren’t any shortcuts to success like that. The people I know who have succeeded at being full time real estate agents have been in the business for a very long time and sacrificed a lot. Even for them, it’s rough right now due to the economy. The other people… well, those people laugh at how hard I work sometimes and tell me they will get to where I am by selling homes. They are the same people who tell me they are starting their own businesses through Amway/Quixtar. If you are good at it and put a lot of effort into it, you should be fine. It’s not easy though and you might be without income for awhile before you can close your first place, so you have to be able to take that hit if you want to do it full time.


Isn’t it weird how we all automatically assume if we post something on SRK we’ll have like 6 or 7 certified specialists on the subject that can answer all of our questions immediately?

I do that shit all the time. Whatever the subject, I just assume someone on SRK will know. And more often than not, I’m right.



Go for it bro. If it’s on your mind, what else you got to lose? Give it a shot and pour your heart into it. It’ll take time and you might feel like it’s not for you, but i recommend you try it atleast to see how it is. If you do good, then shit, it was worth it. Remember, it’s all about taking care of the people and showing that they can trust you with a big purchase.