Becoming a Sanford Kelly, or Justin Wong, or Yipes, or Daigo (you get the point)

Ok people, I wanted to make a thread to discuss how we newbies can be a pro just like the people listed in the title. So I was just watching the MVC2 EVO 2009 Grand Finals. And I was paying close attention to Sentinel in those fights. Almost all of that shit (excluding Refly stomp patterns) that they be doing, I be doing. I never even watched Sentinel vids, and I did that shit. Then i got to thinking. These other pros, I do most of that stuff too, even before I watched the vids. Does that mean I’m a pro? No, I haven’t even been to a tournament yet. What makes Justin Wong, Yipes, Sanford, Daigo, Mike Ross, and Alex Valle a pro?

I think they are pro because their names are catchy and cool. Your name is kinda catchy but not so cool. I think if you chose a cooler name you could be pro. All the cool names seem to be taken though and people don’t want anymore new names to remember so it’s harder to become pro nowadays.

they play the game instead of mindlessly rambling about becoming a pro.

I think you answered your own question.

they’re top level players cause they’ve proved it in tourneys. if you want to be a top level player you have to prove it. if you constantly place in big well known tourneys like EVO, devastation, etc. you’ll be consider a top level player. so what if you can do the same thing as they can. i can do the same combos that daigo does. does that mean my ryu is as good as his. lmao, hell no. basically you have to prove yourself.

You answered your own question. They are pros because they travel around the state and place top 3 every tournament. The results speak for themselves. If you went to EVO and bodied everyone in SSF4 to take 1st place, you’ll instantly known.

Play fighting games like it’s your livelihood for like 10 years or so.

If this isn’t a troll, it’s because they actually GO to tournaments and are able to succeed there.

But there’s more to it than that, being able to perform moves isn’t enough, to be the best you have to have a COMPLETE understanding of the game, you have to know every single matchup, completely understand your character, etc.

Due to this knowledge and having a TON of experience, these pros are able to react and adapt to anything that is thrown at them. You can know how to do the hardest combo in the game, but if you can’t see an opening in the opponents defense/offense within a split second to react to it and use that combo, then it’s useless.

this has to be a troll haha

They do it against top competition, while you do it on XBL.

Funny thread.

I shot a 3-pointer once. The entire NBA is overpaid for doing something i can do too. I demand an endorsement deal now.

It’s probably because of this thread.

Most of you guys are trolls. Wow you guys are some hypocrites. Especially Lane, super troll. This was actually a real question.

Anyway for the people who didn’t troll like the mindless idiots they are, thank you very much for answering this.

I can shoot jump shots like Kobe Bryant, JUST LIKE HIM.

Needless to say I’m not a pro. Let’s hop off people’s pipes and just stick to, well, practicing, shall we? Im sure thats how ANYONE ever gets good at something. “God-Given” Talent is relatively small (or in some cases, non-existant) in comparison to just working your ass and seeing your hard work pay off. Set a goal and shoot for it

“Don’t fight for victory–fight to improve yourself. Victory will come.” - Ryu

People are trolling because you are asking a dumb question. The answer to getting good at ANYTHING is to practice and go up against people who are better than you. If you are old enough to figure out how to post on these forums and wise enough to know the top players in mvc2, then you should have been exposed to sports and coaches who preach practice practice practice while in school (or at the very least a rec club). You should also know that even with all the practice in the world in a sport, you still need to be able to beat the competition. Why would you even entertain the idea that a fighting game would be any different?

p.s. plus your terrible grammar in the op couldn’t help either.

To become a pro just become a complete douche and that is your first step to the status of pro. Then only after you have done that practice at the game.