Becoming skilled with dive kicks

This subject seems to raise its head at my point in skill level. I feel I can use yun relatively well, and know his basics while starting to develop my own play style. One thing I can’t seem to really grasp is skillful dive kicks.

I cross up, I whiff intentionally in front to throw, I can combo from it, I do it often, try to get in people’s heads with it. Sometimes though it just seems like all I get out of it is a parry and a punishment. I see high level players in videos doing things like sharp angle dive kick right over someone’s head (hitting the upper part of the char) and using it effectively, all I seem to get when I do it is get thrown.

When don’t you use dive kicks, when do you use dive kicks, how often… though it may seem obvious at times I find it can be subtle and hard to pin down. Your opinions?

i use it on wake ups (the enemies) like when they stand up while im next to them they would usually duck block or go for a throw right away, I would just quickly super jump into a dive kick if it hits i continue the combo if its blocked i super jump cancel backwards so i dont get thrown (or just parry the throw with your own throw)

EDIT: you can also mix it up with dive (intentionally not close enough to hit them, naturally they will try to punish) straight into a lunge.

If you are getting thrown you might wanna consider doing a jumpaway HP or something. I have a lot of trouble using them against tall ppl cuz I keep getting thrown.

One thing we should keep in mind is that Yun/Yang’s superjumps move them backward, and then their dive kick will be safer, I guess.

time for a player review/tip giving session

casual p2p kaillera match:

advice, flaming, wtf?'s are all welcome. I know my execution needs work.

your finishers definitely need some work. maybe its just me but it seems like you have a problem capitalizing on low hits in GJ.

other than that pretty good.

Yo barky. Some tips:

You are doing your target combos too fast, I can tell. Slow that shit down.
If nothing is going on and you’re just standing on the opposite side of the screen, whiff c.MP to get Genei Jin quicker. You obviously already know this, but sometimes it seems like you’re just standing around, and sometimes you stop whiffing and go for the attack, but I don’t really think that’s necessary. Make them come to you, unless they want you to have Genei Jin, which no one does. You can also throw out a forward+HP if they get somewhat close.

If you knock the other guy down and you have Genei Jin, use it. You can beat shoryus with it if you do properly timed crouching LKs, then keep doing crouching LK till you’re somewhat distanced from the opponent, then do standing HP -> forward HP and juggle them.

If they block instead of shoryu, tick into the command grab.

For juggling with Genei Jin midscreen, you do standing MP -> shoulders, but IMO that’s pretty easy to mess up…even you do in the vid. If you’re looking for an easy ass alternative, crouching MK, standing HP, shoulders. If they’re block the crouching MK, standing HP, dash up and do command grab.

When you activate genei jin from across the screen, sometimes you just stand there. Don’t do that, do whiffed LK dive, crouching LK, palm. You could also use command grab instead.

You know, you mention “tick into the command grab.” How would I do that? I’ve heard of tick throwing, but I’m not sure how to do that either. lol.

Yes aaaam
Play slower :slight_smile: and safer.

Being too agressive can help ken and chun actually make the match waaaaay easier.

Tick throwing is basically just hitting and throwing. After you hit the opponent, whether its blocked or hit, they’re stunned for a little, and that makes it hard for them to respond to you throwing them. Try doing crouching LK, walkup command grab.

This can work sometimes. Don’t get into the habit of doing this. Good players will see this coming, parry and punish you.

You can be thrown out of this. Always remember who your opponent is. On weaker players, dash-ups during genei jin might work, but for the more skilled players try not to get in the habit of doing this. If your opponent is expecting this they can easily throw you with no trouble; use it with caution.

I have not watched your video (I’m at work:woot:) but just remember that once you activate Genei Jin, you’re automatically creating pressure for the other player. They are less likely to go after you when it’s activated, so even walking up a bit will be fine. If you’re across the screen, you can jab dash punch (which should land you somewhere in the middle between you two) then fierce shoulder (usually blocked. not too many people wait for this), then apply your mix up. As mentioned before, apply ticks into command grab if your opponent is set on blocking.

If you can get them into the corner, you have some more options. If you can pull it off, you can do UOH -> c. short -> f+fierce. (edit: only when they’re crouch blocking.)

Also, depending on where it hits, this one is pretty useful. Dive kick -> c.short -> palm. People tend to stand up and block when they see you jump up, so if you dive kick with a mk or hk (depending on your position) and you hit at the knee, the c.short -> palm usually hits.

I’ll try to think of more later but hope this helps. :tup:

I just watched your vid barky. Not bad! I say stop throwing random dash punches out, and I think that will clean up your game a little bit. Those random dash punches get you into trouble a lot just by what’s in the video.


I was working on that in training mode today, and I seemed to be getting it well. Thx for the help! :tup:

Try it against people. You’re only going to notice and really appreciate its usefulness when playing another person.

It’s harder to practice and truly understand techniques that are related to mind games against the computer or in training mode.
(edit: I should probably say impossible…)

Just thought I’d give my 2 cents.

after dive kick hits above the waist of the character, is jumping away immediately always safe against throws? I’m not doing this enough and I think I finally realize why I get thrown too much