Beejay's House of Pain UMvC3 Tournament 10/13/12


Sup guys! Yes I know a lot of you have been asking and waiting patiently for me to organize a tournament so here is DIZeLAN’s second official UMvC3 tournament.

Check in time will be 6:00pm
Start time will be at 7:00pm
Entry fee will be $10 ($8 to pot, $2 to venue)
Pot will be paid out to 1st and 2nd (70%, 30%)
Games will be of 3/5, double elimination
Console Platform will be Xbox 360

I will also run a MvC origins side tournament
Entry fee will be $5 ($4 pot, $1 venue)
Pot will be paid out to 1st only
Console Platform will be PS3
Games will be best of 2/3, double elimination

Location: DIZeLAN Frag Center
Address: 857 S. Lark Ellen Ave

Feel free to contact me here or on FB if you have any questions!