Been around.

Sup guys,just wanted to say hi been to busy lately and shit,trying to get everyone who i had on aim before(TG,rei,TMT,MC etc)this place hasen’t changed from the looks of it,anyways be cool if yall can just hit me up on aim,or send me your aol names.

I’ll probably be doin some av&tags again soon enough,since it’s the holidays and all,rusty need to start hitting up PS again.





Sup sup,cool MC i’ll ad you :wgrin: ,need yours tg also.Anyone else send me a pm,let me know please.

Check under my rep bars.

Sup dude long time no see, good to see your still alive lol.

Enter ABC #9 (see sticky at top of IMM)



I miss Team fantasy :sad:

Man…I had to of been like 16 then…now I’m 20. Time sure does fly.

Enter ABC #13 (see sticky at top of IMM)