Been messing with yun a lot

and have landed a few interesting things here and there, gotten real innovative and have even tried to use his 1 invincibility frame to evade grabs and go into to combo, but yesterday something really really really weird happened. I was playing against Ray Ramos yesterday and he was playing yang. He did something like wake up after I activated my genei jin and I parried and started comboing him when at I looked at my meter to see how much time I had left and it said I had a full meter WHILE I still had genei jin active. I know it was still active because I was doing the cr. str > st. fierce, fierce lunge punch combo, and looked at my meter before I did cr. lk, fierce palm. Can anyone explain this or was it just a one time glitch? I actually ended up using the kick dp ender and tried activated immediately after.

Is this awesome y/n?

no but seriously anyone have any ideas as to how or why this happened?

you are a noob.

mother fuck my yun wil rape your yun any day.


sounds like a glitch i’ve never seen that happen before