Been out of it, what's been good lately?

Been busy and haven’t been keeping up. Have had the same pull list for maybe over a year but haven’t had the time to actually read and check out comics untill now.

My pulllist right now is

American Vampire
Walking dead
The Stand

What good stuff has passed me by the last year or so, what good stuff is still running that I should get on?

Check out S.H.I.E.L.D. from Marvel. Very new reader friendly and really intelligent. The new Ghost Rider book is a lot of fun too. X-23 is also an excellent book. Big up to Uncanny X-Force.

DC’s going through a big reboot so maybe hold off until late August / September and see what you might want to check out. You seem to like a lot of horror stuff so keep an eye out for the new Swamp Thing in September. Take a look at ‘The Dark’ section below for some more upcoming horror themed books from DC.

thanks dude. i’ll check those out.

btw I picked up the Red Skull mini and it’s really good so far.

Yeah I liked the first issue of Red Skull Incarnate too.

So far I do but I was hoping for more of an overlapping quality of him becoming red skull, not just entirely kid skull as it is right now.

Judging by Pak’s previous character work Magneto: Testament, I wouldn’t count on much, if any grown up Red Skull