Been playing too much Street Fighter

I had a dream last night that Bison was using his Psycho Power on the public swimming pool terrorizing the swimmers in maelstrom of swirling water. I then somehow managed to push what seemed to be a couch, that was safety stable in the corner, into the the swirling air that proceeded to fly towards Bison’s face buying me time to run to safety.
~Thank you~

LOL. i had a dream that i won evo, in which i defeated daigo. we were playing on a cliff for some reason…o_O

Women have the power of psycho power to destroy mens hearts.

Worlds to live by on SRK Forums today July 10, 2011

Yeah. Guys often tell me I psycho crush their hearts.


bison show up in my dream tell me the secret input to unlock full screen crushaaaa.

but i have to join shadoloo, fee is about same price for evo this year, and he said he need some bison dollar.

when i think fk that he tell me:
bah such weakness…