Been playing umvc3 for a month


and I need help, I have no fucking clue how to win against hulk teams, and zero teams, the sodium is taking over.

my team is taskmaster frank west amaterasu


Probably get more help in the umvc forum.


Of all teams, how are you losing to those ones?


Probably because Zero is the most broken character in the game, for starters…
and also because 1 month of experience is toddler level in umvc3.

Time and patience, toastedsub. And learn to look for Hulk’s standing H.


How is he broken? Because he has multi-hit sword normals? Zero is far from the most “broken” character in this game. I implore you to check out some of dat Wolverine/Frank tech.


Someone clearly hasn’t been blown up by Lightning Loops and the like…


my bad I forgot about dr doom


How to win in Marvel

  1. Block
  2. Guess other people’s Mix ups
  3. Do Mixups
  4. Pop X-Factor
  5. Use Doom Missles

Rinse and repeat, none of those applies if you pick Hsien-ko or Phoenix Wright.


Ehh, yeah. Dr. Doom is an asshole usually. I still have trouble with him too. Just try super jumping and rushing him down with Frank. Every now and then mix it up with his slide attack.

Lightening Loops aren’t much of a problem, nor are they usually even worth the effort in trying to execute. If you have ANY kind of zoning options, it really isn’t that hard to fight back.


1.I suppose you’ve never heard of chip damage…

2.It’s not that easy of a concept to grasp when you’re just getting into the game like he is.

3.Fair enough. That’s something you should do in any fighter, really.

4.Not very elaborative…don’t just run around popping X-Factor when you feel pressured. Usually you should save it for whoever you’ve chosen as your anchor. Ex: Level 3 X-Factor Dormmy is hell to deal with. He can take out most players just through his chips. There are other times to utilize it effectively of course, but as you get better you’ll learn when those times are.

5.Good lord, I have no respect for people who do this shit. It’s also hella’ punishable. If any rushdown like Wesker teleports in on that shit, he can TOD Doom in a heartbeat as well as most characters can.

Come to think of it, now it kind of seems like you’re trolling. You just suggested him two of the worst characters in the game…


It was 1/2 help

\While chip damage is pretty powerful UMVC3, blocking is a fundamental concept that many people, even top players, must practice. Everyone could work on their blocking skills. Viscant was saying a while ago that many new players do not know how to block and that hurts their game.

The rest except #3 were trolling. Though, 2 will be helpful advice in the future as the OP gets further in the game.


Don’t try to compete with Hulk’s buttons because of the super armor. Either you stay away, or you block like a good boy and let him finish then punish. His throws are usually not a threat so just chicken block until you find an opening.


Blocking is indeed important as it is in all fighters. However, I like to argue that evasion is almost always a better option (in this game primarily) unless you’re trying to bait your opponent into punishing them on their recovery frames. Unlike MVC2…your attacks **actually fucking hurt. **I remember running out of time in 2 more often then actually beating or losing to my opponent. Utilize whatever teleports you have. You might get flamed for it, but they’re necessary more than people realize.


my problem isnt blocking its attacking lol


Onslaught, Im sorry but I MUST assume that nobody from your region is very proficient with Zero. Otherwise you would quickly recognize where he is broken.

Ever been hit by a max-range c.L (that’s like 3 frames) into all your life, with no DHCs, while using a character with over 1 million health? Maybe thats why you arent getting this point.


What do you mean?


I’ve played plenty of decent Zero’s. Hell, he was my point man in Vanilla. And I don’t think he’s even close to being the most broken character in the game. Not by a longshot. That’s not to say that maybe some of his components might be broken, but when compared to the others he doesn’t even get close to the top of the list.


He can easily kill a whole team if he gets the first hit. He is Iron Man from MVC2, only with amazing mix-ups, zoning and he doesn’t lose a single match up.

How is he not even close to the top?


Zero is a beast but if you’re playing online just do your best to zone him out. Also online zeros love to press buttons so punish them accordingly.

As far as hulk goes. Tasksmaster rapes hulk period. Taskmasters standing H is 2 hits. His jumping H is 3 each of those eat through hulks super armor. Also stingmaster gives no fucks about standing H either, and lets face it 75-85% of hulks game is standing H. The fact that you haven’t been playing long suggests that you might not have an idea of what can be punished and what shouldn’t be. Hulks game is predicated on making you afraid to press buttons. i.e just keep practicing and try to be less scared.

edit* erryones always like OMG zero hes so broken hes God tier… what have you. Why the hell hasn’t he won any majors if hes that good?


Oh… online.

lol online