Been Playing With Chun Since Vanilla

**And I STILL cant do HK Legs>>Cr. HP.

i can’t even plink it, and I plink everything.

Shit is frustrating.

Anybody got any tips?**

If you’re not doing c.hp x hk legs extended into mk legs, c.hp - it won’t combo

**What do you mean?

Chuns loop is Cr. HP>>Hk legs, Cr. Hp>>Hk legs etc… right?**


That’s what I’m trying to do…**

I meant what I wrote, and typing in bold doesn’t make your posts more important

So after the first Hk legs, are the rest supposed to be MK?

Yes, do hk legs, mash mk legs

Gonna try it now


haven’t you watched OHT tutorial on c.r F to R.H LL??

**I can do Cr. HP>>HK Legs, no problem.

I can’t link Cr. HP after the HK Legs.

I can’t figure out the timing to save my life…**

Because the link isnt after HK legs, it’s after MK legs. See: Skattan Milla post 6. cHP xx HK legs, mash MK (MK legs will flow out of HK legs), then link.

lol at this guy. Get 'em outta here.

what he said

Ever notice that sometimes Lighting Legs does more hits, sometimes it does less? It’s because you’re extending Lightning Legs.

Lightning Legs only needs five kick inputs to come out. If you add three more kick inputs during lightning legs, it extends the Lightning Legs combo by tacking on that strength of whatever button you used.

So, the correct cr.HP xx Lightning Legs combo is:

cr.HP xx HK Legs xx MK Legs. When HK Legs comes out, hit MK a few times and it extends into MK Legs, which gives you the right frame advantage to link cr.HP.

But for Christ’s sake, do you realize how big the internet is? There are at least two dozen ways you could’ve found this information on your own.


I’m all for helping other Chun players, but I wish some of them would learn to help themselves first, lol.

I would like to see the input method for plinking the c.HP after MK Legs and cancel c.HP into HK Legs. I think it’s going to be the only reliable way to do this combo.

c.hp~hp+mk, hk~mk~lk, hk

It may be cheese but… I set the default 3 kick button (R2?) as an additional hp button. Then simply 4 finger piano down to lk, tap hk twice and then mash mk. I don’t have the dexterity to piano and I’m too spastic when trying to slide my finger. This works for me.

I actually think that sounds harder than piano-ing it.

What I do is I plink LK after the HP, so my inputs go
Then I just hit MK a few times afterward.

It a lot easier for me since getting in the habit of plinking HP makes it easier to link another cr.HP xx Legs chain after the first one, and if you screw it up you still only get crouching short. If it hits, nothing happens (I’ve never seen it cancel into legs personally), if it gets blocked you’re safe, and if it whiffs it doesn’t have long recovery.